The Real Dragon Chapter 4153

                At this point, Flynn Hao Yang would tell the two presidents on stage that the VIP had probably not heard what he had just said and asked them to go to the VIP lounge and invite the VIP to come on stage.

                Immediately afterwards, the two presidents would find that in the VIP lounge, apart from a pile of corpses, there was no sign of Stephanie?

                Thus, the scene was in chaos, and as the host himself, he had to be in a state of crisis, call the police at the first opportunity after seeing the tragic events that had taken place, and ask his men to seal off the entire banquet building at the first opportunity, so that the suspects would not escape.

                Subsequently, a large number of police officers would quickly arrive and then investigate the scene, eventually finding Chen Fu to be a major suspect and taking him back for questioning, with things eventually being taken completely off course from Chen Fu and completely away from Flynn Hao Yang.

                It was because everything had already been arranged in a circular manner that Flynn Hao Yang was particularly worried at this point that something might happen to the ninja gang.

                So, already somewhat subdued, he took out his specially prepared new mobile phone and sent a message to Qiao Feiyun: “Still no movement?”

                Qiao Feiyun quickly replied, “I haven’t received any news yet.”

                Flynn Hao Yang urged, “Quickly ask what’s going on! I’m about to go on stage to give a speech! Five minutes at most!”

                Qiao Feiyun naturally knew what it meant for Flynn Haiyang to give a speech on stage, so he immediately called Kazuo Hattori.

                However, on the other end of the line, it was temporarily unavailable.

                Qiao Feiyun was panicked, he knew that Stephanie’s lounge was equipped with signal blocking equipment, now he couldn’t get through to Kazuo Hattori, which meant that Kazuo Hattori’s gang was still on site!

                If Kazuo Hattori was still at the scene, it meant that he hadn’t been able to get his hands on him yet!

                Thinking of this, Qiao Feiyun was even more nervous.

                The most crucial thing was that he could not contact Kazuo Hattori at all, so he knew nothing about the details of the scene.

                So, he immediately sent a message back to Flynn Hao Yang, “Young Master Flynn, I can’t contact the ninjas now …… you send a trusted man over to see if there’s been any accident …… “

                “F*ck!” When Flynn Hao Yang saw the content, he immediately replied, “You f*cking swore that everything was fine and under control. If anything goes wrong with this, I’ll f*cking kill you!”

                After sending the message, although he was getting angrier and angrier, he dared not delay and immediately greeted his most trusted a*sistant and whispered, “Go and check around the VIP lounge to see if there is anything going on, if there is, come and tell me immediately!”

                “Yes, Young Master!” The a*sistant didn’t dare to delay, he got up and rushed to the VIP lounge.

                Hattori Kazuo and the others, who were disguised as waiters, secretly observed the man’s approach, but once they thought of Charlie wade’s instruction that they were not to make any rash moves until they saw the young master of the Flynn family, they did not make any moves.

                The a*sistant made his way to the entrance of the VIP lounge, but to his surprise, the door was open at this moment, and Charlie wade was bitterly advising Stephanie, “Miss Stephanie, I suggest you should listen to the bodyguard’s advice and hurry up!”

                Stephanie said with a difficult face, “It’s not appropriate to just go straight away like this, right ……”

                Charlie wade waved his hand and said, “What’s inappropriate, safety is important!”

                Flynn Hao Yang’s a*sistant was slightly stunned and hurriedly stepped forward and asked, “Miss Stephanie, where are you going?”

                Charlie wade turned back, glanced at the a*sistant and opened his mouth to ask, “Who are you?”

                The a*sistant busily said, “I’m Young Master Flynn’s a*sistant, my name is Sun Hao.”

                Charlie wade nodded and spoke, “Please tell Young Master Flynn that Miss Stephanie’s bodyguard said that there is a great security risk as there is suddenly no communication signal here, so for the sake of Miss Stephanie’s safety, we have to leave first!”