The Real Dragon Chapter 4163

                Several officers with walkie-talkies on their shoulders and pistols in the waist of their trousers came forward and said to the crowd, “You have heard the Inspector’s words, please leave the scene immediately.”

                Flynn Xuebin, who had never been so angry, kicked the wall and cursed, “Li Yalin, you’re a f*cking bully!”

                A police officer immediately stepped forward and warned in a loud voice, “Sir, if you don’t leave and continue to damage the scene, I will have to take enforcement action against you!”

                Flynn Xuebin gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll see who dares to touch me!”

                Several policemen knew Flynn Xuebin’s identity, and when they saw his fury, they did not dare to come forward.

                Li Yalin turned around and spoke, “Fine, Flynn Xuebin, since your head is so iron, then stay here.”

                When Flynn Xue Bin saw Li Yalin’s compromise, he finally felt a little better in his heart, as he had been overpowered by him tonight.

                So, he snorted and said arrogantly, “Li Yalin, this time you’ll have to behave yourself!”

                When Li Yalin saw how arrogant he was, he didn’t get angry and said with a smile, “Right, Flynn Xuebin, we are obliged to tell the public about such a big incident, so I guess many media will come back later to report on it, so you should stay and have a good chat with the media.”

                After saying that, Li Yalin instructed, “Don’t leave, we will hold a short press conference later, you can be a special guest.”

                When Flynn Xuebin heard this, his whole mind exploded.

                He hadn’t intended to stay here for sure, it was just that Li Yalin had driven himself away and made him hold his anger in his heart, so he had confronted him.

                But who would have thought that this guy would want to hold a press conference here!

                To Flynn Xuebin, even if he was beaten to death, he would never attend any press conference and openly tell the world that his son had been kidnapped.

                How could he afford to be ashamed of himself?

                Thinking of this, he immediately said stiffly, “I don’t have time to stay here and raise dirt with you! You can have your own launch, I still have to go find my son!”

                Li Yalin sneered twice and sneered, “What? I’m bullying people by letting you go, what do you mean by leaving on your own?”

                Flynn Xuebin said furiously, “I can stay and go whenever I want, why do I need to explain to you what I mean?”

                After saying these words, Flynn Xuebin turned around with a belly full of anger and walked away without looking back.



                In the middle of the Flynn family’s estate in New York, Qiao Feiyun was staying in the guest room that Flynn Hao Yang had prepared for him, anxiously waiting for news from Kazuo Hattori.

                Originally, he thought he had everything under control tonight, but to his surprise, it all went wrong right away.

                He picked up his mobile phone and called Kazuo Hattori, but his call was still unreachable, so he hurriedly contacted Flynn Hao Yang again, only to find that Flynn Hao Yang had not responded either.

                He called Sun Hao, Flynn’s a*sistant, but he still couldn’t get through.

                Just when he was at a loss as to what to do, the Flynn family’s bodyguards suddenly exploded, all of them rushing to get out.

                So he hurriedly stopped one of the bodyguards and asked after him, “What’s going on?”

                The bodyguard said nervously, “Young Master Hao Yang has gone missing, and the Eldest Young Master has asked us to go out and look for clues!”

                “What?!” Qiao Feiyun asked in a panic, “Wasn’t Young Master Flynn at a charity dinner? How could he go missing?”

                The bodyguard explained, “Young Master Hao Yang went missing at the charity dinner, and it’s said that quite a few people died at the scene!”