The Real Dragon Chapter 4176

Brooklyn, once the most famous ghetto in New York.

                Right now, although the environment has improved somewhat, it is still, relatively speaking, the most chaotic and least secure borough in New York.

                North Brooklyn, in particular, has a very large black and Hispanic population and is simply the best and largest source of soldiers for the major gangs in New York.

                Many of the young men here were going around with guns in their hands at the age of 12 or 13, sort of starting their reserve service in gangs.

                By the time they reach 14 or 15, they are already eating, drinking, gambling, vandalizing and looting.

                The law and order in such places is so bad that if you pick ten young men on the street, you can find eleven guns.

                It was at Charlie wade’s request that Hattori Kazuo had asked Flynn Xuebin to meet him here.

                When Flynn Xuebin saw the message, he said in a panic, “Dad, someone sent me a text message saying that if I want to know the whereabouts of Hao Yang, I have to go to Brooklyn!”

                Hearing this, Flynn Shanhai slapped the table and said angrily, “Go! Have someone prepare immediately! Also hurry up and give the mobile phone number to the intelligence department and have them monitor the location of this phone immediately!”

                Flynn Xuebin was slightly stunned and asked, “Dad, I’m going?”

                “Nonsense!” Flynn Shanhai blurted out, “If you don’t go, should I go?”

                Flynn Xuebin said somewhat nervously, “Brooklyn is too bad for law and order, and I’m worried that it’s a trap ……”

                Flynn Shanhai waved his hand and said, “There is nothing to worry about, you just go, let the martial artists all go with you, plus bring two more teams of bodyguards to secretly protect your safety, in this case, even the special forces can’t kidnap you away!”

                Seeing his father’s insistent attitude, Flynn Xuebin had no choice but to nod and said, “Then I’ll ask him for the exact address.”

                After saying that, he sent his mobile phone number to the Flynn family’s intelligence team while picking up his phone and replying to the message, asking, “Where am I going to meet you?”

                After sending it, the message sank in stone.

                The intelligence team also fed back the message that the mobile phone number was now in shutdown mode and could not be located.

                When Flynn Xue Bin saw this, he knew that the other party was a veteran and was even more apprehensive.

                However, Flynn Shanhai did not give him a chance to hesitate and instructed, “If the other party can kidnap Hao Yang, he must not be an ordinary petty thief, so he has probably been secretly watching us for a long time.

                Flynn Xuebin did not dare to refuse and could only stiffen his head and agree.

                Although he was anxious about his son’s kidnapping, he hoped that he could use money to solve the problem, or use the people under the Flynn family to solve the problem, and was not willing to put his own life at risk.

                But at the moment he had no other choice but to follow his father’s instructions and arrange for the men to be ready to go.

                Soon, three convoys left the Flynn family’s estate one after another.

                They had two missions: firstly, to protect Flynn Xuebin’s convoy secretly, and secondly, to wait for information from the intelligence team, so that once the other party’s mobile phone was switched on and their location was found out, they would immediately take control of them.

                Flynn Xuebin’s convoy was led by three bullet-proof Rolls-Royces and followed by three bullet-proof Cadillacs.

                Flynn Xuebin, himself, did not sit in the Rolls-Royce, but in the one in the middle of the three Cadillacs.

                In his opinion, if the other side was trying to get at him this time, they would definitely mistake him for being inside the Rolls-Royce in the middle, so that if something happened, that Leslie would be able to draw fire and his safety factor would naturally be a bit higher.

                But even so, when the vehicle drove into Brooklyn, as for Flynn Xuebin, there was inevitably a pang of nervousness in his heart.

                There is a law that is as universal as gravity: the richer a person is, the more afraid of death he must be.

                Flynn Xuebin was naturally no exception.

                Even though he was the youngest master of the Flynn family and the current first heir to the Flynn family headship, when he came to a place like this, he was somewhat scared.

                After all, it’s not once or twice that a person has been shot because of an Apple phone in a place like this.