The Real Dragon Chapter 4192

Hearing An Chongqiu’s judgment, Li Yalin laughed bitterly, “I’m thinking the same as you, in New York, there aren’t many people who can touch the Flynn family, counting the Rothschilds and your An family, there are at most four or five people who have this power, but this time, the way these people are playing is not like the style of either of you.”

                “Indeed.” An Chongqiu said approvingly, “This kind of play is just not something that a few of the big families can do, at a glance this path is very wild, surprisingly wild.”

                “You think so too?” Li Yalin sighed, “For a while I thought it might be some new gang, usually new gangs want to make a name for themselves, they have to do something big and shocking, but when I think about it, it doesn’t seem right, any gang that plays like this is basically dead, there is no gang that can compete with the Flynn family’s strength.”

                An Chongqiu agreed, “And I can be sure that this gang isn’t in it for the money, if they were really in it for the money, they wouldn’t have made such an exaggerated offer of a 200 billion USD ransom, it’s basically the same as kidnapping a few pa*sers-by in New York and then going to the American government to demand an entire fleet of aircraft carriers, which is just as unrealistic.”

                Li Yalin nodded: “Not for money, this matter is even weirder.”

                Saying that, he asked An Chongqiu, “Chongqiu, you’ve watched those videos that are hot on the internet, right?”

                An Chongqiu nodded, “Watched it.”

                Li Yalin frowned, “I don’t know why, but I always feel that there is something evil about it! It’s evil! The two videos are one after the other, ostensibly to suppress the Flynn family in terms of public opinion, but in the end, the Flynn family seized the opportunity to pull back, allowing the Flynn family to play a perfect game of suppressing first and then raising later …… but in reality, it gives me the feeling as if someone is deliberately manipulating all this, just to leave such a chance for the Flynn family to suppress first and then raise later ……”

                An Chongqiu said, “I’m calling you to remind you of this, I also think this matter is very strange! From that video, the other side looked like they were just vulgarly teasing and intimidating Flynn Xuebin, and their methods were crude, but everything that happened behind the scenes gave me a feeling as if this matter wasn’t as crude as it appeared to be! Instead of being crude, it was precise to the extreme! So precise that he was able to predict every step of the Flynn family’s actions in advance and deliberately used this tactic to lure the Flynn family to the public.”

                Li Yalin slapped his thigh and said offhandedly, “Right! That’s it! They’re fishing! Trying to fish the entire Flynn family out of the deep sea and expose themselves to the attention of the world of their own accord ……”

                Saying that, he hurriedly asked, “Chongqiu, what exactly do you think he wants?!”

                An Chongqiu smacked his lips and said, “If they hadn’t cut off Flynn Hao Yang’s ears, I might think that this was all a good show directed by the Flynn family themselves, so that the Flynn family’s reputation could rise quickly, and at the same time make Flynn Hao Yang’s reputation spread far and wide, laying an extraordinary foundation for Flynn Hao Yang, just think about it, when everyone in the world was expecting Flynn Hao Yang to return safely, they Then, when everyone in the world is expecting Flynn Hoang to return safely, they will come up with a successful rescue drama, so that Flynn Hoang will come out after a thousand cries, and then the whole world will celebrate and cheer together and have a perfect ending.

                Li Yalin picked up, “But they did cut off Flynn Hoang’s ear! I had someone use AI restoration technology to maximise the picture quality of those videos, enlarged the image of that pair of ears in the video and compared it with Flynn Hoang’s previous physical features, and it is indeed his ears, there can be no mistake!”

                “Right.” An Chongqiu said gruffly, “It is this that makes me reject the hypothesis that the Flynn family is definitely not the manipulator behind the scenes, the real manipulator behind the scenes is the one who has premeditatedly drawn the Flynn family into the spotlight a little.”

                Li Yalin pursued, “Luring a snake out of a hole, and in front of the whole world, what exactly is the purpose of this?”