The Real Dragon Chapter 4206

When Hattori Kazuo stormed into the basement room with his dagger in hand and in a rage, Qiao Feiyun had already been tied up with his hands and hung by the generals of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons.

And he and Flynn Hao Yang were still cursing at each other continuously, hating each other while not forgetting to dump on each other.

When they saw Kazuo Hattori pushing his way in, they stopped cursing and each was trembling with tension.

Flynn Hao Yang was afraid that Kazuo Hattori would take a dagger and cut something else off his body.

Qiao Feiyun, on the other hand, was afraid that he would get the same treatment as Flynn Hao Yang, who had his ear cut off.

As soon as Kazuo Hattori entered the door, he caught a glimpse of Qiao Feiyun, who was hanging in the air.

His expression instantly became angry and fierce as he rushed forward and kicked Qiao Feiyun in the stomach, sending him spinning like a sandbag.

At the same time, Kazuo Hattori cursed angrily under his breath, “B*****d! You tricked me into coming to America and caused me to almost make a big mistake in front of Mr. Wade, I would kill you even if I had to!”

Qiao Feiyun was kicked around and spun around, and shouted in a panic, “Mr. Hattori, I’m a victim of this matter, just like you! I was acting on the orders of this Flynn Hao Yang next to me, the real culprit is him not me!”

When Flynn Hoang heard this, he immediately blurted out, “Mr. Hattori, don’t be fooled by this B*****d, this B*****d has done many harmful things, this time it was his idea to use you Iga ninja!”

Qiao Feiyun hurriedly said, “Mr. Abdominal, don’t listen to that Flynn, he is the one who is full of Sh*t, he is the one who wants to kill Miss Stephanie, I invited you here because of his authorization, there is a reason for the wrong, you can’t be fooled by him!”

Hattori Kazuo said coldly, “Qiao Feiyun, do you think I still don’t know your true identity? Flynn is no good, and you’re no good at all!”

After saying that, he grabbed Qiao Feiyun’s hair and looked at him with a cold smile, “Qiao Feiyun, don’t make any more unnecessary struggles, neither you nor Flynn Haiyang will be able to leave here alive!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Hattori Kazuo’s right hand swung violently and in an instant, he chopped off Qiao Feiyun’s left ear by the root!

Qiao Feiyun almost fainted from the pain and felt warm blood spurting out from the base of his ear.

As he watched his severed ear fall to the ground, he collapsed, unable to control himself and howled.

Seeing him crying miserably, Flynn Hao Yang felt no small amount of solace in his heart, so he sneered and sneered, “Qiao Feiyun, can’t you stand it anymore? Don’t be in a hurry, you’ll have to cut off that ear too!”

Qiao Feiyun looked at Hattori Kazuo in despair and cried and pleaded, “Mr. Hattori, I’m a victim just like you ……”

Hattori Kazuo said in a cold voice, “I’m the real victim!”

After saying that, his hand rose and cut off Qiao Feiyun’s other ear as well.

Qiao Feiyun hissed madly in pain, while Flynn Hao Yang looked smug, in his opinion, if he could successfully dump the pot on Qiao Feiyun, it was naturally the best situation, but if he couldn’t, at least he would drag Qiao Feiyun to die with him, so that he would at least have a companion on the way to the Yellow Springs.

Qiao Feiyun could see the smugness in Flynn Hoang’s expression and was furious, but then he suddenly remembered something and said to Kazuo Hattori, “Mr. Hattori! You mustn’t let this Flynn Hao Yang go! The Flynn family has already sent someone to Japan tonight. They think that you kidnapped Flynn Hoang, so they have sent many experts to exterminate the entire Iga ninja family.

When Hattori Kazuo heard this, he was shocked and asked, “How do you know that the Flynn family has sent someone to Japan?”

Qiao Feiyun hurriedly said, “Mr. Hattori, I have been hiding at the Flynn family’s manor for the past few days, and I know every move of the Flynn family very well! I have very definite information that proves that Flynn Hao Yang’s grandfather has indeed sent many experts to Japan, and will arrive there in almost 10 hours, and he seems to be very dissatisfied with the flight speed of civil aviation, and is trying to find ways to beg for Concorde airliners!”