The Real Dragon Chapter 4209

                Kazuo Hattori hurriedly said, “Father, it’s a long story at this point, we were tricked by that employer! He tricked us into coming to New York and actually wanted us to kidnap Master Wade’s woman!”

                “What?!” Hattori Hanzo felt his eyes go black as he shivered and asked, “Is Master Wade …… the Master Charlie wade who shook the entire Ten Thousand Dragons Hall with his own strength at Eastcliff Wade Lingshan that day ……”

                Hattori Kazuo blurted out, “That’s him!”

                “Bugger!” Hattori Hanzo cursed in despair, “You B*****d! Didn’t you recognize all of Grandmaster Wade’s women who appeared on Mount Wade Ling that day?! Tell me quickly, did you offend Master Wade’s women!”

                Hattori Kazuo was busy saying, “No, Father! How dare I lay hands on Master Wade’s woman! And, as it happens, Master Ip himself was in New York! So the moment I saw him, I immediately got down on my knees and confessed to him ……”

                Hattori Hanzo asked nervously, “What did Master Ip say?! Did he forgive you?!”

                Hattori Kazuo said, “Master Wade told me to make amends, that’s why we kidnapped that Flynn Hao Yang ……”

                Hattori Hanzo’s eyes went black: “That young master of the Flynn family, was it really you who kidnapped him?!”

                “Yes ……” Hattori Kazuo explained, “I had no other choice but to redeem myself!”

                Saying that, he hurriedly added, “Father, now the Flynn family has sent someone to Japan, they are expected to arrive in Japan in another ten hours, Mr. wade is so kind-hearted that he has specially asked Miss Ito to arrange a plane for you and the rest of the clan, all you have to do now is to hurry up and gather all the clan members and head to the airport immediately, make sure to take off before the Flynn family’s people land! If you can take off five hours before they land, that would be great!”

                Hattori Hanzo wanted to die.

                He sighed in his heart, “I thought that sending Kazuo to America this time would be an opportunity to open up overseas markets for the Iga ninja, but who would have thought that such a big thing would happen as soon as he went to America ……”

                “Offending Charlie wade, is that a f*cking joke?”

                “Not to mention the fact that Charlie wade has already subjugated the entire Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, just Charlie wade’s unimaginably powerful personal strength alone could kill the entire Iga ninja all by himself ……”

                Thinking of this, he hurriedly asked, “Ichigo …… Could this be Master Wade’s plan to bait the enemy?! Would he want to use this to trick all of us Iga ninja into going to America and then kill them all?!”

                The Iga ninja will be able to get back to the position of the head of the Flynn family this time, and this will be an excellent opportunity for us Iga ninja. the credit for regaining power!”

                Hattori Hanzo was so excited that he couldn’t help but ask with some concern, “Kazuo …… do you think this is credible?”

                Hattori Kazuo said without thinking, “Definitely! Father! Think about it, what kind of existence is Master Wade? If he really wanted to harm us Iga ninja, all he would need to do is to have the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall’s Ten Thousand Hall Master send some experts to Japan, and that would be enough to wipe us out, he is really going to give us a good chance this time!”

                Saying that, Hattori Kazuo remembered Charlie wade’s words and blurted out, “Father! Master Wade has said it! Take a chance, a bicycle will become a motorbike!”

                Hattori Hanzo couldn’t help but mutter a sentence under his breath, “Take a chance …… bicycle …… to become a motorbike?!”

                Then, after a moment of silence, he suddenly stood up and stomped his foot, “Yes! Then we’ll take a chance on him!”