The Real Dragon Chapter 4215

The Iga ninja, who were sitting on a plane heading to the United States, were all still in a somewhat sad mood.

                For the first time in their centuries of existence in Japan, their entire clan has fled from their homeland.

                Many of them were still looking forward to the time when they would be able to return to their homeland.

                However, they could never have dreamed that their centuries-old home had been blown to pieces at the behest of Charlie wade.

                Those who had managed to escape the explosion and the fire were in a state of shock when they suddenly noticed several helicopters flying around them, each one with loaded anti-terrorist elites on both sides.

                The bodies of the elite were suspended from the hatches of the helicopters by fixed ropes, with powerful a*sault rifles in their hands, and the guns were already locked on the deadly experts.

                The funny thing was that when these Flynn family experts who had managed to escape saw the anti-terrorist forces, the first thought that came to their minds was not one of worry and fear, but of utter relief!

                Right now, they felt like complete victims.

                They had flown all the way from Japan for more than ten hours, and had just arrived at the place without doing anything, when they were met with such a horrific explosion, which clearly meant that they had been attacked.

                Moreover, they didn’t know what kind of ambush the Iga ninja had made in addition to the bombs they had planted in their homes, so if these guys had a back-up plan, they were afraid that none of them would be able to escape.

                So, when they saw the anti-terrorist forces, their first thought was that they were finally saved!

                So, among these Flynn family experts, someone actually stood up and waved towards the helicopter, shouting, “We are here! Come and help us!”

                Others followed suit and shouted to the anti-terrorist forces for help.

                Immediately afterwards, nearly a hundred members of the anti-terrorist unit quickly descended from the helicopter to the ground by the ropes.

                Before the Flynn family’s experts could react, these members of the anti-terrorist unit pointed their guns at them.

                “Nobody move, get down on the ground immediately and put your hands up as far as we can see! No one is to resist, or they will be killed!”

                The head of the Flynn family masters shouted, “This is all a misunderstanding, we are also victims, it was the Iga family ninjas who really planned the explosion!”

                These anti-terrorist elites did not listen to their explanations at all and immediately rushed forward and handcuffed them all backhanded, while at the same time using very strong nylon ties to tie their wrists back and forth several times in order to prevent them from breaking free.

                Afterwards, a number of special forces vehicles pulled up outside the gates of Iga Prefecture and, at the command of the commander, all of them were taken into the vehicles.

                These masters of the Flynn family, who had come with a hundred and thirty men, were now brought into the cars, with less than thirty remaining.

                Most of the remaining hundred or so were already dead, and only a very small number were seriously injured, making the scene tragic.

                Immediately afterwards, a spokesman for Japan’s Homeland Security Department issued an emergency announcement to the outside world, which stated that the Homeland Security Department had uncovered a terrorist attack by an offshore terrorist organisation in Iga City tonight.

                The brave special forces troops surrounded all the terrorists in a residential house in Iga before they could cause a ma*sive bombing, and then the terrorists detonated their bombs with the intention of dying with the anti-terrorist forces. A great victory.