The Real Dragon Chapter 4230

               Flynn Shanhai frowned tightly, a man holding his chin pacing back and forth, but just half a day did not speak.

                Flynn Xuebin could not stand it and hurriedly urged, “Dad! You should say something!”

                Only then did Flynn Shanhai speak up, “I don’t know this Qiao Feiyun, but I remember that in the financial reports of the Flynn family in the previous years, the cooperation with the Seattle Qiao Group has been increasing, and the amount of cooperation has risen from more than a billion per year to several billion, and the share price of this Qiao Group has also increased nearly ten times in a few years because of the close cooperation with us ……”

                Flynn Xuebin blurted out, “Isn’t this Qiao Feiyun just ungrateful?!”

                Flynn Shanhai waved his hand, “I don’t think he did it.”

                Flynn Xuebin was surprised and asked, “Dad, so many clues point to him, who else could it be but him?”

                Flynn Shanhai shook his head, “What kind of person worth tens of billions of dollars would go out of his way to do a kidnapping for ransom? What’s more, the kidnapper is his own golden master, isn’t this killing the chicken to get the eggs?”

                Flynn Xuebin said: “Although he is worth tens of billions of dollars, but most of it is the market value of the stock, in order to maintain the share price, the major shareholder can not reduce the stock at will, then the majority of his shares can not be realized, he can really have cash at his disposal will be greatly reduced, and may encounter some difficulties, it is also normal to take the risk, right? “

                “Still not true.” Flynn Shanhai still shook his head, “Think about it, if Qiao Feiyun really wanted to kidnap Hao Yang, why would he come to the Flynn family himself? Moreover, Hao Yang had already been kidnapped and he hadn’t left, instead he continued to stay here and let this maid spy for him?”

                Flynn Xuebin said without thinking, “Don’t people always say that the most dangerous place is the safest? He’s hiding in our house, it’s darkness under the lights, who can find him?”

                Flynn Shanhai asked again, “Then let me ask you, since he wants to hide in our house and play in the dark, can’t he just stay in the dark? We haven’t found him, so why would he leave?”

                Flynn Xuebin immediately said, “I think, he must be related to those Japanese ninjas, most likely those Japanese ninjas who kidnapped Hao Yang were hired by him, so when he heard that we had gone to look for those Japanese ninjas, his first thought was to hurry up and escape!”

                Flynn Shanhai sighed and said with some hatred, “You haven’t run through the logic underlying this matter, although that Qiao Feiyun only ran away after hearing that we had gone to look for the Japanese ninjas, this also shows that if the ninja matter hadn’t been revealed, Qiao Feiyun didn’t intend to leave the Flynn family, and he would even prefer to continue hiding in the Flynn family!”

                Speaking of this, Flynn Shanhai questioned, “Think about it yourself, if he was really behind the kidnapping of Hao Yang, then why would he want to hide in the Flynn family? He is also a well-known entrepreneur, in this case, the longer he disappears from the public eye, the greater the possibility of exposure. If it were me, I would definitely return to my own normal life at the first opportunity and try to make the whole world think that I have nothing to do with this matter, do you really not think that he intends to give up his high society status and spend his life in hiding and anonymity in order to extort ransom from us? Then what’s the point of him wanting all that money?”

                “On one side, he is worth tens of billions of dollars and has a golden master like the Flynn family as his backer, so not only will he have a bright future ahead of him, but he will also be able to spend his money openly and enjoy himself all the time;”

                “On the other hand, you can give up your current status and remain anonymous for the sake of the 200 billion ransom, and spend your life in fear, not even daring to spend the money. Would you choose the latter?”

                Flynn Xuebin froze and asked in confusion, “If he didn’t do it, then why is he still hiding in the Flynn family?”

                Flynn Shanhai’s expression sank as he said in a cold voice, “I think, he should be afraid!”