The Real Dragon Chapter 4294

        Flynn Shanhai said in fear: “Mr. Wade …… I …… am a man of integrity and a man of work, because of my high position, I am indeed arrogant, but what are the seven sins? ……”

        Charlie wade coldly said, “You think highly of yourself and have no one in sight, this is arrogance!”

        Flynn Shanhai quickly nodded his head like a garlic and said, “Yes, yes, yes …… Mr. Wade, you are right!”

        Charlie wade raised his voice a few notches and said in a stern voice, “You seek power and profit and do whatever you can, this is greed!”

        Once Charlie wade’s words came out, Flynn Shanhai’s heart suddenly thumped, he did not expect that Charlie wade would mention that he was scheming for power and profit, his heart could not help but think: “Could it be that this Charlie wade …… is looking for me because I took my father’s family head’s position?!”

        Just as he was panicking in his heart, Charlie wade continued, “”You are disloyal as a minister, but you have violated your superiors below!”

        “As a human son, you forced away your biological father, this is unfilial!”

        By the time Charlie wade said this, Flynn Shanhai’s face was already pale.

        At this moment, he was already sure in his heart that Charlie wade must have come for his father, and this was to settle accounts with himself after the autumn ……

        And just then, Charlie wade looked at him and asked coldly, “Flynn Shanhai, let me tell you the truth, I came to America this time, not for your four sins, but for your fifth sin! I will give you one last chance, do you know what your fifth sin is?”

        Flynn Shanhai’s heart panicked, subconsciously shook his head and said, “Wade …… Mr. Wade …… you just said the three sins, I admit …… not to hide from you I dare not deny it, but apart from this matter, I really haven’t done anything harmful to heaven and earth ……”

        Charlie wade scolded in a stern voice, “Your grandson Flynn Hao Yang has repeatedly committed heinous crimes! This is what the ancients call the fault of not teaching!”

        “Hao Yang?” Flynn Shanhai’s heart thumped, never dreaming that the real highlight would be related to his own grandson ……

        At this moment his brain couldn’t help but run fast, secretly thinking: “The surnamed Wade admitted to kidnapping Hao Yang at noon, in that case, this Hao Yang must have angered him because of some things, which brought me such a big disaster …… Could it really be because Hao Yang was plotting against that Stephanie? “

        Thinking of this, Flynn Shanhai hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade …… that grandson of mine …… is indeed a bit naughty since he was young and may do something out of the ordinary some times… …”

        Speaking here, Flynn Shanhai sighed and continued, “After he was kidnapped, we had also analyzed the reason why he was kidnapped and also guessed that it was most likely because he had evil thoughts about that Miss Gu(Sun), thus angering you, Mr. Wade ……”

        “However, you cut off his ear without mercy, I believe that he has already paid for his stupid thoughts, and I also believe that he must have suffered a lot under you in the past two days ……”

        “So …… so why should you hold on to him because of an attempt on his life …… if you are willing to let him back, I am willing to give ten billion dollars as spiritual compensation to Miss Gu(Sun) ……”

        Hearing this, Charlie wade gave a cold laugh and said, “I hear you, what you mean in these words is nothing more than that he did not do any substantial harm to Miss Gu(Sun), you think he is not guilty to death, right?”

        Flynn Shanhai nodded his head: “I …… do feel that …… even if you are angry, you must give the young man a chance to reform… …”

        Charlie wade’s expression gradually cooled down and asked in a stern voice: “I ask you, if I give him a chance, what about those innocent girls who were killed by your grandson? Don’t they deserve someone to do them justice?!”