The Real Dragon Chapter 4297

At this moment, Flynn Garet hurriedly bowed and bowed with both hands, “Mr. Wade has orders, I dare not disobey!”

        Charlie wade took out his mobile phone, unlocked the screen, and opened one of the video albums, which were all videos related to Flynn Hao Yang that he had downloaded in advance.

        Then, he threw the phone to Flynn Garet and said in a cold voice, “You can click on it yourself and watch it!”

        After that, he pointed at the children and grandchildren of the Flynn family behind him and said in a cold voice, “All those who are over eighteen years old, come forward and watch it together; those who are under eighteen years old, evade immediately!”

        Flynn Garet agreed in a loud voice, while most of the Flynn family’s children and grandchildren also hurriedly gathered around, as they were now eager to know what exactly was the reason for Charlie wade to kill the Flynn family with great fanfare.

        Although those who were under 18 years old also wanted to find out what was going on, they did not dare to come forward at this time and could only back up honestly to the end of the hall.

        On the mobile phone, each video was just a thumbnail the size of a fingernail, plus there was a play button in the middle, so no one could see what the videos were all about.

        Flynn Garet didn’t think much of it and clicked on the first video.

        The moment the video popped up, a girl screaming in pain like crazy immediately came from the phone, in addition to the sound of Flynn Hao Yang’s perverted-like laughter.

        When Flynn’s family saw the images on the phone, they all turned pale with shock, and a few of the youngsters could not even control their dry heaves.

        Flynn Garet was also scared out of his wits at this point, and almost lost his grip on his phone.

        Flynn Shanhai, Flynn Xuebin and all the middle-aged and elderly members of the Flynn family were all terrified.

        Flynn Shanhai’s wife, who is also Flynn Hao Yang’s maternal grandmother, only watched for ten seconds before her legs went limp and she collapsed, fortunately a*sisted by her daughter, otherwise she would have fallen on the back of her head.

        Flynn Xuebin’s wife, Flynn Hao Yang’s mother, only looked for a moment before covering her eyes and crying: “This …… is not true …… that person is not Hao Yang… . there’s no way Hao Yang would do something so devilish ……”

        Flynn Xuebin also broke down, and while shedding tears, he muttered, “Why …… is this why …… this son of a b*tch why would he do something so inhumane… …”

        Flynn Shanhai’s blood pressure spiked wildly as he mumbled, “B*****ds …… are really B*****ds ……”

        After saying that, he no longer dared to continue watching and could only turn his face to the side.

        The video only lasted less than thirty seconds, and all these middle-aged people also turned their faces away not daring to look any further.

        Flynn Garet kept staring at the phone screen, only to feel his heart rate soaring all the way up, shaking his entire chest cavity with pain.

        In less than a minute, he could no longer hold on and could only lock the phone screen, choking, “Mr. Wade …… under …… I just can’t watch anymore… …”

        Charlie wade said in a cold voice: “There are many more videos like this, at least a few dozen, each with a different girl as the victim.”

        Flynn Garet muttered under his breath, “Family misfortune! What a misfortune for the family! Mr. Wade, I really didn’t expect that such a scum would come out of my Flynn family! What an outrage to the gods and the people!”

        Charlie wade looked at him and gave a cold laugh, then turned to Flynn Shanhai and asked indifferently, “Come, current Flynn family head, tell me, as the family head, how do you plan to handle this matter?”

        Flynn Shanhai was a little hesitant all of a sudden.

        He didn’t know what to say.

        If he were to put it more seriously, to say that this scum should be broken into pieces, how could he say such things when he was, after all, his own grandson?

        But if he said something lighter, something that didn’t match what this beast had done, then Charlie wade would definitely blame himself again ……

        And he didn’t dare to say that all this would be handed over to the law for a fair trial. Although a fair trial would definitely save Haoyang’s life, it must be accompanied by a thorough exposure of all his actions.