The Real Dragon Chapter 4298

       At that time, the Flynn family’s reputation would be in ruins and they would become the target of everyone’s criticism in the United States.

        Therefore, for Flynn Shanhai, no matter how he chose, there was an unbearable price to pay ……

        Seeing his hesitation, Charlie wade said in a cold voice, “Since you can’t say it, then don’t say it.”

        Then, he looked at Flynn Garet and coldly asked, “You are the last Flynn family head and are considered to be experienced, let me ask you, what do you think about this matter, what should be done about it?”

        At this moment, Flynn Garet was also in a dilemma.

        He and Flynn Shanhai had basically the same idea.

        Flynn Hao Yang could not be killed, nor could he be forgiven lightly, and at the same time, he could not make it public.

        He valued the reputation of the Flynn family more than anyone else, after all, he had built this family up with his own hands, and it was all his blood.

        So, after thinking about it, he could only say: “Mr. Wade, it is indeed a family misfortune that such a beast came out of my Flynn family …… I am willing to pay out US$10 billion to compensate the families of all the victims, and as for that beast, I will have Master Yuan break his legs and hands with his own hands, and lock him up at home for the rest of his life. As for that beast, I will have Master Yuan personally break his legs and hands, lock him up in the house for the rest of his life, and that he will be raised as a dog, so that he can never leave the Flynn family half a step in his life ……”

        Charlie wade sneered, “What, you still want to keep him alive?”

        When Flynn Garet saw Charlie wade’s playful face, his heart suddenly panicked!

        He suddenly realised that he had made an extremely serious mistake.

        He couldn’t help but inwardly sigh with remorse, “I’m really stupid …… Charlie wade making such a fuss over the matter of Hao Yang is proof enough that he will never let Hao Yang have a chance to live, he will definitely kill him and eliminate the harm for the people, but I actually wanted to keep that beast’s life just now, how stupid! “

        “Charlie wade just deliberately asked me how to dispose of it, must be giving me a chance, to see how I state my position, but my answer just now, must have made him extremely dissatisfied ……”

        The first thing that I did was to think of a way to get rid of it. If he doesn’t die, I’ll be sorry for the innocent girls who died at his hands! Therefore, I think he should be allowed to die as a thank-you for his crimes!”

        As soon as Flynn Garet said this, Flynn Xuebin became furious and yelled, “What are you talking about, you old B*****d? Hao Yang is your great-grandson! And he is the eldest great-grandson of the eldest son and grandson lineage! When you die in the future, he will be the one to beat the streamers for you! How dare you ask him to die as a thank-you for his sins… what are your intentions?”

        Naturally, Flynn Xuebin was most concerned about Flynn Hao Yang’s life and death, for that was his son after all. Hearing these words from Elder Fei, he was so infuriated that he had long since lost his senses.

        But his father, Flynn Shanhai, thought differently.

        Flynn Shanhai had also worked out Charlie wade’s intention in doing so.

        He knew that Charlie wade would not let Flynn Hao Yang go and had already made up his mind to kill him. The reason why he asked Flynn’s family was just to kill to kill!

        At such a time, the safety of the Flynn family was in question, so if he still wanted to protect Flynn Hao Yang, he would be too naive!

        So, he hurriedly said to Charlie wade respectfully, “Mr. Wade, I feel that ……”

        “You don’t need to feel!” Charlie wade did not wait for him to finish and directly interrupted him, saying in a cold voice, “One person has one chance to express his opinion, and yours has already been expressed.”

        After saying that, he looked at Flynn Phoebe and asked indifferently, “Miss Flynn, what do you think?”