The Real Dragon Chapter 4309

        Phoebe was a little nervous all of a sudden.

        She had never actually thought about taking the position of the Flynn family’s family head.

        After all, the Flynn family had never had a woman as the head of the family before.

        Moreover, her previous thoughts had been simple: to fight for as many benefits as possible for her parents and the rest of her own family before her grandfather pa*sed away, so that her family would not suffer ostracism and expulsion after her grandfather left.

        In other words, she had originally wanted to have a position in the Flynn family that was secure enough to stand on through her own efforts, but never wanted to be at the helm of the family.

        Therefore, she was a bit indecisive for a while, not knowing what to do.

        Charlie wade knew that Phoebe was different from Jasmine and Helena.

        Jasmine had no father or mother and was deeply attached to Elder Moore. At the same time, she herself had little ambition and only thought that she could run the little business of Jiqing Hall so that in the future, when her eldest uncle and cousin succeeded her as the head of the family, they would not be interested in her little mess, and in this way, she would be able to have a peaceful life.

        The reason why things had taken a huge turn for the worse was that Charlie wade’s Spring Return Pill was so tempting to Elder Moore that the Honorable Moore and his son saw Jasmine as a thorn in their side.

        It could be said that Jasmine had been pushed all the way to the position of the Moore family head by Charlie wade.

        As for Helena, she had always had ambitions and aspirations, but for a long time she did not have the chance to realise them, and was even suppressed to the extreme by her sister Olivia, and it was only when Charlie wade gave her a chance to turn things around that she was able to follow the trend and turn the tide smoothly.

        Phoebe, on the other hand, seems to be in between the two of them.

        She was not like Jasmine, who had not a shred of ambition, nor did she want to be like Helena, who had a powerful ambition built up inside her from hatred.

        She preferred the intermediate of the two, ambitious but not so ambitious that she wanted to take the whole Flynn family into her own hands.

        When Flynn Garet saw that Flynn Phoebe was a little hesitant, he couldn’t help but feel a little nervous in his heart.

        After all, he was experienced and had quickly seen the situation at hand. Since Charlie wade would not allow himself to be the head of the Flynn family, the best situation at the moment was to let Phoebe succeed him.

        Otherwise, if anyone else succeeded him, he would be worried that the other party would make a move against him.

        Therefore, he hurriedly said to Phoebe, “Phoebe, Mr. wade is asking you something! Hurry up and answer!”

        Flynn Phoebe came back to his senses and said apprehensively, “Mr. wade …… I …… am afraid I won’t be able to take on such an important role …… “

        Charlie wade pointed at Flynn Shanhai and said indifferently, “He didn’t even think he couldn’t handle it, so what else do you have to worry about?”

        Flynn Shanhai’s expression instantly turned bitter.

        He also knew that although he was a few dozen years older than Phoebe, he was really not as good as the young Phoebe when it came to management skills.

        It was just that, being taken up and buried by Charlie wade so directly, his face was also a bit embarra*sed.

        When Charlie wade saw that Phoebe was still unsure, he said, “Miss Flynn, given the current situation of the Flynn family, only you as the head of the family can coordinate everything internally, think about the old master, and then think about your parents and relatives, if you don’t sit in the position of the head of the family, what can you do to ensure their future life and safety?”

        Speaking here, Charlie wade added, “If I’m not wrong, among the Flynn family present tonight, there should be no parents of yours, right?”