The Real Dragon Chapter 4312

When Flynn Garet heard Flynn Phoebe’s unwavering decision, he was so excited that he could not attach it.

However, he also kept an extra eye out.

Because, Flynn Phoebe only said that she would buy this Spring Return Pill, but to whom she bought it, she had not yet stated her position.

Flynn Garet had experienced several ups and downs over this period of time, so he naturally had a few more worries in his heart about such matters.

At this time, Flynn Phoebe looked at him and said very seriously, “Grandpa, later on I will pay the payment to Mr. Wade, and this rejuvenation pill will be left for you to take!”

It was only when he heard this that Flynn Garet finally put his heart down, and was suddenly so excited that he burst into old tears.

He was so desperate to get a Spring Return Pill.

Originally, he thought that he might not have a chance with the Spring Return Pill in his life.

But to his surprise, it was Charlie wade and his granddaughter who had given him such a huge surprise!

At this moment, he was so excited that he choked up a little and said to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade …… Thank you …… Thank you! Your kindness, I will definitely remember it in my heart forever!”

Charlie wade waved his hand and said very seriously, “Master Flynn, there is one thing I have to say first, although I am willing to make an exception and sell Miss Flynn a rejuvenation pill, and Miss Flynn is also willing to give you this rejuvenation pill to take, I will deliver this rejuvenation pill to Miss Flynn in four instalments.”

Flynn Garet subconsciously asked, “In four instalments?”

“Right.” Charlie wade said blandly, “From now on, I will cash out a quarter of the Spring Return Pill to Miss Flynn every three years, until a whole Spring Return Pill is fully cashed out.”

Charlie wade knew very well in his heart that if Elder Flynn would not live long, then Flynn Phoebe’s position as the family head would not be secure no matter what.

And after all, he had his own business to attend to, and could not always protect Flynn Phoebe, so the best way was to allow Elder Flynn to continue to live.

And not only to let her live, but also to ensure that when he lives, he will definitely stand behind Flynn Phoebe and support her with all his might.

If Master Flynn, was allowed to get a whole rejuvenation pill at once, then after he had completely solved the problem of survival for the next ten years or so, his deep-seated thirst for power would probably come back to haunt him.

If that were to happen, he would no longer be Flynn Phoebe’s biggest supporter, but would instead become Flynn Phoebe’s biggest enemy.

That was why Charlie wade had come up with such a strategy of deferring delivery in batches.

By giving Flynn Phoebe a quarter of the Spring Return Pills first, it would first allow Flynn Garet not to have to worry about survival for the next three to five years.

However, this would also give Flynn Garet a strong sense of crisis.

This was because he still had three quarters of the Spring Return Pill left to get.

And as Charlie wade was the seller, he only recognised Flynn Phoebe as the buyer, so Flynn Garet must keep his full support for Flynn Phoebe unchanged as long as he still wanted to get the rest of the Spring Return Pills.