The Real Dragon Chapter 4370

Chen Duo Duo laughed heatedly, “Look what you said Mr. Wade, I, Chen Duo Duo, have always been very polite to you.”

Charlie wade teased, “This is not the time for you to point at me and call me a negative person.”

Chen Duoduo said with a serious face, “No, no, no, adults, one must learn to return one size to another, you did act like a negative man in dealing with Stephanie, but in other aspects you are still very giving.”

After saying that, she ignored Charlie wade’s depressed expression and pointed to the large performance venue behind her, saying with a smile, “Look, this is the best performance venue in New York, we were worried before that we might not even have the chance to use it after being set up by the Flynn family, but who would have thought that this venue would all become ours directly now ……”

Speaking of this, she said to Charlie wade with a look of admiration, “Mr. Wade, it still has to be you!”

Charlie wade was somewhat in tears and laughter at this point.

Chen Duoduo was quirky, sometimes speaking with a gun in her mouth, but sometimes giving a rare feeling of frankness and truthfulness.

So when she stepped on him, he really didn’t know what to say in reply.

So he could only change the subject and said, “By the way, what is the layout inside this venue? Is there a vip box?”

“Yes.” Chen Duoduo replied smoothly, and then asked, “Mr. Wade, you wouldn’t want to watch the show in a box tomorrow, would you?”

Charlie wade nodded: “That’s right, the vip box should be low-key.”

Chen Duoduo said, “Low-profile is low-profile, but it’s also the furthest away, at the head of the last row, when Stephanie is on stage, she probably won’t be able to see you.”

Charlie wade said seriously, “The situation is special, so I will not show my face first this time.”

For Charlie wade, his biggest worry was that someone from Grandma’s family would come over to support the show tomorrow, in which case there was a high probability that he would recognise himself once he was seen.

Chen Duoduo was also more understanding of Charlie wade’s request and spoke, “Then I’ll take you in for a look around, you can see the venue first.”


Soon, Charlie wade was led by Chen Duoduo into the interior of the venue.

At this moment, Stephanie was busy rehearsing on stage.

Thus, Chen Duoduo became Charlie wade’s guide and led him, taking him around the entire performance venue.

It was a large arena that could hold tens of thousands of people, and the audience seats were distributed in a stepped pattern, with those closer to the stage being lower and those further away being higher.

At the end of the arena, directly above the highest row of seats, there is a row of private VIP boxes, which are usually reserved for VIPs when the arena is hosting important sporting events.

This allows the VIPs to join their friends for a drink and a chat while overlooking the game from above, while still maintaining a high level of privacy.

In some European football stadiums, many celebrities have their own private box, and when there is a match, they meet up with their friends to drink and watch the game in the box.

Charlie wade immediately spotted this seat, so he asked Stephanie’s a*sistant Chen Duoduo, “Duoduo, has the VIP room been sold for this concert?”

“No.” Chen Duoduo said, “All of Stephanie’s concerts only sell tickets for the audience in different areas, not the VIP room, which is not usually activated.”

Charlie wade nodded, pointed to the middlemost box and spoke, “Then leave this one for me.”