The Real Dragon Chapter 4371

Originally, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Charlie wade even planned that he would not come to Stephanie’s first concert in New York tomorrow first.

        It was also clear that if he really didn’t come, not only would Stephanie feel disappointed, but his wife Claire would definitely be very sorry as well.

        However, after actually seeing the venue, he was instantly relieved.

        When the time came, he could bring his wife inside the VIP box to watch Stephanie’s concert, which would also greatly avoid the possibility of exposure.

        Chen Duoduo also knew something about Charlie wade, so after hearing him say that he wanted a private box, he didn’t say anything more and quickly agreed, saying, “No problem, let me show you up.”

        Charlie wade nodded and followed Chen Duoduo to the private room. Chen Duoduo pushed open the door and introduced to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, the VIP rooms in this venue are very big, usually more than 50 square meters, with a separate bathroom inside, and you can have a party inside. The gla*s is also one-way privacy gla*s, so the audience outside can’t see inside at all.”

        Charlie wade looked at the environment and saw that the box was very luxuriously decorated, and it looked like a place for the top wealthy people in New York to gather.

        So, he said, “Okay, let’s take this one.”

        Chen Duo Duo agreed and said, “If Mr. Wade wants to keep a low profile, I will arrange for you to go directly to the VIP channel. The VIP box is physically separated from the rest of the audience below, so you can come up directly from the VIP channel and no one else will see you.”

        “Good!” Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and said, “Then it’s settled, before the concert tomorrow, you help me arrange for a staff member who will dock with me, I’ll ask him to come in directly then.”

        Chen Duoduo hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, for such a distinguished guest like you, how can you arrange for another staff member to dock? I must be in charge personally!”

        Charlie wade hurriedly waved his hand and said, “No, no, you must be very busy at that time, so I won’t bother you with this kind of thing, just find someone who doesn’t know me and tell him that I am your feng shui master.”

        Seeing that Charlie wade had rejected him in seconds, Chen Duo Duo immediately realised that Charlie wade was worried about something and immediately said, “Mr. Wade, you don’t have to worry so much, although I, Chen Duo Duo, am not a good person, I am certainly not the kind of bad person who would harm others and benefit himself, I know that you will come with your wife tomorrow, and I will certainly not say anything wrong in front of your wife.”

        Charlie wade was tempted to say I can’t trust you, but on second thought, although Chen Duo Duo was a girl with a somewhat fiery temper, she must still have a few things in mind when she does things, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to work with Stephanie for so many years.

        So, he did not refuse again and nodded, “Then it will be hard for you when the time comes.”

        As he said that, he stepped forward to the large floor-to-ceiling gla*s window in front of the box and looked in the direction of the stage.

        On the stage, Stephanie was rehearsing a very fast-paced singing and dancing song with her backing dance team. Although the distance was a bit far away, the good thing was that the perspective could overlook the whole stage, plus there were huge LED screens on both sides of the stage, and camera close-ups from various angles were being shown throughout, so the viewing experience was also very good.

        This way, it would also ensure that his wife Claire would have a good experience when she saw the show tomorrow night.

        While Charlie wade was watching Stephanie rehearse at the venue, the atmosphere at the Flynn Group headquarters building was getting more and more awkward.

        A large number of special operations team members entered the building one after another and conducted a carpet search of the entire building partition, but after searching the entire building, they could not find any sign of Xion.