The Real Dragon Chapter 4388

After saying that, he looked at Qiang Zai and said seriously, “I’ve always wanted to go back, but I’ve never been able to muster up the courage, so it’s just as well to take this opportunity to go back and help me make a decision.”

Strong Boy said nervously, “Uncle Zhong! You can live if you hide! In case Liu’s name doesn’t intend to let you go, you’ll be dead if you go back!”

Chen Zhao Zhong laughed, “Even if he wants me dead, he has to wait for the right moment, he can’t just kill me at customs when I’ve just been repatriated back, can he? Besides, I was repatriated to Hong Kong Island, the customs officers will definitely have to take me through the process, I believe that even if Liu is capable, he would not dare to make a move on me at the customs, this way, I can notify my family in advance and ask them to come to the customs to meet me, as long as I can meet my family, even if I am killed by him right out of the gate, I will accept it.”

At this point, Chen Zhao Zhong smiled faintly and added, “Qiang Zai, you don’t need to persuade me about this matter, I have my own decision, you just run this roast goose shop well, the rest, don’t worry about me.”

With red eyes and choked sobs, Keung said, “Uncle Chung …… I don’t want to run the roast goose shop, I just want to follow you around and be an honest little runner ……”

Keung has a very strong bond with Chan Siu Chung.

He was originally a Chinese from Southeast Asia. His parents had gone down to the South Seas to work in the early years, but met with some local unrest, so they smuggled him to the United States with the young one, intending to put down roots there.

However, the boat used by the snakeheads to transport them hit a reef and sank when it was close to the US coastline, drowning half of the dozens of illegal immigrants in one boat.

Keung’s parents were both buried at sea in that disaster, while the young boy was left floating for hours on a small plank of wood before he was finally rescued by a Chinese boat runner.

Those who survived the accident were young, half-grown children like Keung, whose parents gave them life-saving floating objects to keep them alive.

The Chinese who ran the boat, like Chen Zhao Zhong, were all illegal immigrants or illegal residents of the United States, and these black people usually helped each other and had a small circle of their own.

When several of the children were rescued back to New York, these Chinese got together and had a meeting.

They felt that these children were in such a miserable situation that if they were not taken in, they would either starve to death on the streets, be repatriated by the US government or sent to an orphanage, so after discussion, those who could afford it, adopted an orphan.

Keung was adopted by Chan Siu Chung.

He was just ten years old when he was brought back to this roast goose shop, but now he is twenty-two years old.

Since he had no legal status, Chen Zhao Zhong taught Qiang to read while he ran the shop, and then he started to help him in the back kitchen.

Later on, when he became an adult, he simply worked as a worker in the roast goose shop.

He was so grateful to Chen Zhao Zhong for his kindness that he always treated him like a father, and even made up his mind that he would stay with Chen Zhao Zhong for the rest of his life and help him when he grew old.

However, he had never expected that Chen Zhaozhong would now decide to return to Hong Kong to die.

Seeing that his eyes were red and tears were streaming down his face, he smiled and said, “Keung, I have no children, and since you came here, I have been cooking roast goose in the back kitchen all these years and have never hidden my skills from you. If you have the chance, go back to Southeast Asia and get your original identity back, then get married and have children and settle down.”

After that, he looked at Keung and smiled slightly, “Of course, if I’m lucky enough not to die this time, you can also come to Hong Kong Island to look for me in the future!”