The Real Dragon Chapter 4406

Stephanie, who was completely unaware of what was happening, shone brightly in a futuristic warrior costume, and the whole crowd of fans shouted wildly in excitement.

Charlie wade was slightly relieved to see the show start normally.

The best solution to tonight’s incident was to clean up the mess here while the show was going on normally, so as not to trigger outside attention, let alone attracting the police.

Otherwise, if panic sets in, tens of thousands of people will flee and cause a stampede, and there is no telling how many people will die.

As long as the scene can be dealt with basically, tomorrow let Chen Duo Duo announce this venue for upgrading, and then the vip area with the floor and wall ceiling all demolished, all landfill, otherwise, today so many people, shed so much blood, even if washed in the clean, floor crevices, wall deep will also have dna residue.

The only way to get rid of the place was to tear it all down so that there would be no evidence of death.

Ten minutes later, Flynn Phoebe arrived at the scene in a blaze of glory.

She brought dozens of bodyguards to directly block the entrances and exits of the entire vip area. Flynn Phoebe then took the lift to the upper floors, and as soon as the lift doors opened, she saw Charlie wade standing here, as well as Li Yalin’s corpse on the floor.

As Charlie wade had covered the upper half of Li Yalin’s badly injured torso with his clothes and did not cover Li Yalin’s face, Flynn Phoebe recognised him at a glance and exclaimed, “Mr wade …… You …… You killed Inspector Li?!”

Charlie wade shook his head and said blandly, “I really didn’t kill him, the murderer’s body is inside.”

Flynn Phoebe almost subconsciously wanted to go in and have a look, Charlie wade stretched out his arm in front of her and said indifferently, “The scene is too bloody, you’d better not go.”

Flynn Phoebe pursed her lips and said, “Mr. Wade, my men are all guarding below, why don’t I call them up to help you?”

Charlie wade shook his head and said, “No need, Wan Bajun will bring his men over later to dispose of the corpses, your men are just to help me guard the entrances and exits here, including the entrances and exits on the ground floor leading to the inner arena and backstage, all of them are blocked off, no one else is allowed in except for the people from Wan Long Temple, including the staff of the show, and the NYPD.”

“Good!” Flynn Phoebe immediately said solemnly, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, I’ll arrange it right away.”

After saying that, she took out her mobile phone and instructed Charlie wade’s order to her bodyguards.

Only then did she say to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, there are still a few corpses in the lobby on the ground floor, all of which were shot to death and look like staff members.”

Charlie wade nodded and said, “The other party killed all the way up, they must have killed everyone on sight.”

Flynn Phoebe asked, “Mr. Wade, are these people coming for you?”

Charlie wade shook his head and said, “They came for the An family, a whole family of An family is here to watch the show today.”

Flynn Phoebe’s eyes widened and she asked offhandedly, “Your grandparents’ whole family is here?!”


Flynn Phoebe asked, “Are they alright then?”

Charlie wade said, “Yes, they are fine, they are still in the box after a little shock.”

Flynn Phoebe asked in a low voice, “Then …… Have you identified with them then?!”

In Flynn Phoebe’s opinion, Charlie wade’s current comprehensive strength had basically reached the peak, and if he could identify with his grandparents’ family, then no one could even look up to him.

“No.” Charlie wade smiled blandly and spoke, “Fortunately, I had a bright idea and broke all the lights in the corridor, so they shouldn’t be able to see me.”

Flynn Phoebe looked surprised and asked offhandedly, “Mr. Wade …… This time, although the situation is very dangerous, it is also an excellent opportunity to identify each other …… Why don’t you take advantage of this opportunity and go with the flow?”

Charlie wade smiled to himself and sighed, “Instead of wanting to push the boat with the current, I now want to pull the boat in, or even let it go upstream ……”