The Real Dragon Chapter 4434

        Charlie wade said, “That shouldn’t be the case, the reason why they were caught by the other side today was indeed too negligent, I believe that with their strength and insight, they should not normally leave such opportunities for the other side, otherwise the other side would not have allowed that third aunt of mine to stay hidden in the An family for so long, next the An family just needs to be more alert, it should be difficult for the other side to find opportunity.”

        “That’s good.” Stephanie breathed a sigh of relief and asked again, “Right Brother Charlie wade, what are you going to do about Uncle Zhong’s matter?”

        Charlie wade then said, “I have just thought about it, since I want to solve this matter, then I will simply solve it at the source, won’t Uncle Zhong be deported back to Hong Kong Island in a few days, then I will go to Hong Kong Island in advance and meet that Liu Sheng, before Uncle Zhong arrives in Hong Kong Island, to set things right in Hong Kong Island, so that he can go back in a fair and square manner.”

        Stephanie was busy asking, “Then when do you plan to go to Hong Kong Island?”

        Charlie wade pushed the time for a while and then said, “I promised your sister-in-law that I would accompany her to your 2nd concert the day after tomorrow, and after your 2nd concert is over, I will depart for Hong Kong Island.”

        Stephanie was a bit sour in her heart and muttered with a pout, “It’s fine if you usually show your love in front of me, but you’re still showing love in front of me at such a crucial time, my next show is the day after tomorrow, if you see it before you leave, it will be three days after you arrive in Hong Kong Island, what if something goes wrong in between… …”

        Charlie wade explained, “I’m not doing this to show my love, I can always go to Hong Kong Island, but I can’t just leave your sister-in-law here, not to mention I have to find a suitable reason and opportunity, and I don’t know that Liu’s situation very well, so I need a little time to do my homework and set a trap for this old boy.”

        He said, Charlie wade added, “To be honest, if I just want to keep Uncle Zhong safe, it really couldn’t be simpler, the surnamed Liu is not as solid as an egg in my eyes, I can have the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple send dozens of experts to Hong Kong Island tonight and directly finish him off, in that case, Uncle Zhong will naturally be safe as well.”

        Speaking here, Charlie wade added: “Only such a way of handling the matter is too unskilled, and for Uncle Zhong, it will definitely put him into self-condemnation for the rest of his life as well, so this matter cannot be done the hard way, we have to convince the surnamed Liu himself.”

        “As for the safety of Uncle Zhong in these few days, you don’t have to worry at all, although Liu’s surname does have some power in Hong Kong Island, but he is not ranked in New York, I will ask Miss Flynn to help protect Uncle Zhong secretly first, and by the way, put off the time for a few days, when I first get my mother-in-law to come to America to accompany your sister-in-law, then I will go to Hong Kong Island to help Uncle Zhong to set all these things right! “

        “After I’ve sorted it all out, then I’ll let Miss Flynn’s side loose a little, and then Uncle Zhong will be sent back, and then everything will be fine!”