The Real Dragon Chapter 4501

Liu Rachel pursued, “So you deliberately lured them here so you could deal with them?”

    “That’s right.” Charlie wade said indifferently, “You don’t need to look at the master to beat the dogs, but you have to choose a suitable place, you can’t let the dogs run away when you do it, and you can’t let them bark in the downtown area when you do it”

    Liu Rachel looked at Charlie wade’s light-hearted look, and when she thought about what he had just done, she couldn’t help but say, “You’re simply the devil!”

    “Devil?” Charlie wade frowned and said, “I, the devil, didn’t want to violate you, but that guy in the trunk, not only wanted to violate you himself, but also wanted those strong men to violate you together, so who do you think is right and who is wrong?”

    Liu Rachel’s face turned red and white for a while before she gambled, “Then you can’t fight violence with violence either!”

    Charlie wade laughed, “I’m done with violence, so what do you think? I’ll give them an apology?”

    Liu Rachel could see the teasing on Charlie wade’s face and knew she couldn’t talk him out of it, so she simply gambled and stopped talking to him and went straight into the car.

    Charlie wade also sat in at this time, and while buckling his seat belt, he spoke, “Miss Rachel, what are you going to take me to eat tonight?”

    Liu Rachel said with no good humour, “No, I’m not eating, I’m full of gas from you!”

    After saying that, she couldn’t help but give Charlie wade a white glance, inwardly she had already made a concession, but her tone was still a bit dissatisfied, “Let me take you to eat the most famous wonton noodles in Hong Kong Island! There’s also a money belly and fish curry egg next to it, so you can buy more snacks to eat together, and if you’re not full, you can also have some more spicy crab from the shelter.”

    Charlie wade raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Sounds delicious, then it’s hard for Miss Rachel to entertain you! Some day when we are guests in Aurous Hill, I will treat you to duck blood vermicelli and salted duck!”

    Liu Rachel glanced at him and couldn’t help but sigh, “Can’t do anything about you!”

    After saying that, he drove the car away from Hong Hua Ling and returned to the city of Hong Kong Island.

    The return journey was a stop-and-go affair because of the rush hour, and it took them more than an hour to reach downtown Hong Kong Island.

    Liu Rachel drove the car to a crowded and lively snack street, and after parking the car, she asked Charlie wade somewhat nervously, “What about Zhong Zitao? He won’t wake up, will he?”

    Charlie wade smiled, “Don’t worry, he won’t wake up.”

    “That’s good.” Liu Rachel breathed a sigh of relief and spoke, “Let’s get out of the car, we’re at the dinner place.”

    Charlie wade nodded and pushed the door to get out of the car.

    Liu Rachel carefully pressed the lock button a few times to make sure the car was locked before leading Charlie wade down the snack street.

    Charlie wade looked at the marketplace snack street and asked curiously, “Miss Rachel, do you often come to this kind of place to eat?”

    “Yes.” Liu Rachel nodded and said, “I used to come here to eat when I was small, and it has been the same until now, this place is not far from my school, I usually go here to have dinner before going home.”

    Charlie wade asked in confusion, “Your family is so rich, you don’t worry about safety when you go here for dinner?”

    Liu Rachel said, “It’s not Griffin’s time anymore, Hong Kong Island’s security is much better, besides, this is the downtown area and I know most of the vendors, who would kidnap me in a place like this.”

    Charlie wade nodded, “Makes sense.”

    Saying that, Charlie wade asked her with some curiosity, “You, a thousand-year-old lady, would eat here often, is there something special about this place for you?”

    “There is.” Liu Rachel said with a nostalgic expression, “When I was little, my mother would often bring me here to eat, she said that I was a very picky eater when I was little, and for no reason and without any regularity, I didn’t like to eat anything that was cooked at home even if it was delicious, I just liked to eat the wonton noodles and marinated snacks sold at street stalls, even if the family maid made the exact same thing at home, I still didn’t like it. So she always promised me that as long as I was a good eater for breakfast and lunch, she would bring me here in the evening to eat good food ……”

    I’ve been coming here for dinner almost every day since my mum left, starting from primary school until I graduated from girl’s high school and was going to college, my dad wanted me to go to a better university in the U.S. at the time, but I chose to stay on Hong Kong Island because I couldn’t leave this place behind, to say the least you may not believe it, I grew up so I’ve grown up, apart from leaving Hong Kong Island with my mother when I was a child, and then after she left, I’ve hardly ever left here again ……”