The Real Dragon Chapter 4582

        Fang Jiaxin on the other side also panicked at this time and hurriedly pleaded, “Ah Zhong …… I have been married to Jiahui for more than ten years and have a son, please help him plead with Mr. Wade for the sake of our relationship for so many years ……”

        Saying that, Fang Jiaxin’s eyes turned red, and pea-sized tears rolled down her cheeks.

        Chen Zhao Zhong was also a little bit unbearable at this time, so he looked at Charlie wade and opened his mouth to plead: “Young Master Wade …… What happened back then …… I was also at fault …… So ……”

        Charlie wade raised a hand to interrupt him and said seriously, “Uncle Zhong, I am now asking for a statement for my father, and I think that but a decent person will keep the promises they made with others, even if the other person has pa*sed away!”

        Saying this, Charlie wade looked at Liu Jiahui and said in a cold voice, “Although my father is no longer here, but as his son, I have to pay back what he owes others, and I have to collect what others owe him!”

        When Liu Jiahui heard this, he was so flustered that he could not stop trembling violently.

        The main reason why he had not taken the agreement he had made with Bruce wade into consideration was because he felt that Bruce wade and his wife, An Chengqing, had been abandoned by the Wade and An families, otherwise these two families would not have sat back and watched them both being killed.

        It was precisely for this reason that he did not take that promise into account at all.

        Many people seem to make promises, but in fact, they are only as good as the people they see, making promises to those they can’t afford to offend, while looking like a scoundrel to those they think don’t matter.

        Liu Jiahui is such a person at heart.

        He has a very cla*sic motto: never make a friend who is useless.

        Once the person is no longer useful to him, even if he is his childhood friend, he is not worth mentioning in his eyes.

        But once the person is of use to him, even if he is his father’s enemy, he will find a way to get in touch with him.

        It was precisely because of this profit-oriented character that he withdrew his initial promise immediately after Bruce wade’s death.

        All along, Liu Jiahui had prided himself on this code of conduct in the world and felt that he was truly sober on earth, but he never dreamed that today he would fall on his face in this way.

        So, he begged in fear, “Mr. Wade, it was really my fault for not honouring the agreement I made with your father back then, I really know I was wrong.

        Charlie wade looked at him and asked indifferently, “How do you plan to change your ways?”

        Without thinking, Liu Jiahui blurted out, “Back then I promised your father that I would not pursue what Ah Zhong did back then, I now know my mistake and continue to promise you that I will never make things difficult for Ah Zhong again because of this matter ……”

        The first thing is that you promised my father more than twenty years ago, and now that I’ve found you, you’re telling me that you’ve learned from your mistakes, so how are you going to give my father an explanation for the twenty years of transgressions in between?”

        The second thing is that Uncle Zhong was one of the top talents in the financial field back then, because you, Liu Jiahui, did not keep your word, he had to run to the United States and sell roast goose in Chinatown for twenty years.

        Then, Charlie wade continued, “There is a third thing! In these twenty years, Uncle Zhong could not return to Hong Kong Island to reunite with his family, could not be by his parents’ side to fulfill his filial piety, he could not even come back to mourn the death of his father, his family was broken and separated in these twenty years, how can you give them an explanation?