The Real Dragon Chapter 4606

        Charlie wade said indifferently, “They are rich is theirs, I told you before, since I was eight years old after my parents died, I have been living in the orphanage, from the age of eight until I graduated from high school at the age of eighteen, when I got out of the orphanage at the age of eighteen, I started to work at construction sites to earn money.”

        Hearing this, Liu Rachel nodded gently and whispered, “When I was angry with you, I felt that you were lying to me about everything, but now looking back again, it seems that you told me the truth, even if there were some things that were inconvenient to say outright, you only selectively said part of them, and did not lie to me.”

        Saying that, Liu Rachel asked Charlie wade again, “By the way, how long have you been working at the construction site?”

        “Four years.” Charlie wade said, “I went from eighteen years old, to twenty-two.”

        Liu Rachel was surprised, she knew that Charlie wade was twenty-eight years old, so she couldn’t help but ask with wide eyes, “You were still at the construction site six years ago?!”

        “Right.” Charlie wade explained, “Six years ago, the engineering team I was with took over a new construction site, and while I was there, I happened to be appreciated by the A-party boss, who had to arrange for me to study at the university for over a year, and then to marry his most beloved granddaughter to me ……”

        Liu Rachel’s jaw dropped as she looked at Charlie wade and asked offhandedly, “You’re not kidding me, are you? Why would that boss treat you so well and marry his granddaughter to you?”

        Charlie wade smiled gently and said, “It was a coincidence to say the least, his ancestors had always been the family servants of the Ye family, so he recognised my identity, and although I had nothing at the time, he still wanted to give me a home in the true sense of the word.”

        Liu Rachel looked at Charlie wade’s heartfelt smile and felt her heartbeat speed up suddenly, she asked Charlie wade with some apprehension, “You …… wouldn’t have said yes, would you?”

        “Yeah, I promised.” Charlie wade said lightly, “At that time, I had nothing, and I had had enough of an uprooted life and longed for a home.”

        In this instant, Liu Rachel only felt five thunderstorms!

        She forced herself to endure a sharp pain in her heart and asked Charlie wade, “So you’ve already been married, have you?”

        “Right.” Charlie wade said rightfully, “He arranged for me to study at the university at that time, and actually accompanied my wife until she graduated from the university, and after my wife graduated, we had a wedding.”

        Liu Rachel only felt her eyes instantly heat up and burn, and her vision suddenly blurred.

        She had never thought that Charlie wade had already gotten married.

        And even more so, she did not expect that her heart would hurt so badly when she heard the news.

        She had thought that she was only a little curious about Charlie wade and had at most a few good feelings for him, but the heartache she felt at this moment made her realise that she had actually fallen deep into it in just two or three days and was unable to extricate herself.

        At this moment, she felt that her tears were about to come out of her eyes.

        In order not to let Charlie wade find out, she deliberately touched her mobile phone with her arm and immediately bent down to pick it up after it fell down.

        Relying on the cover of the table, big tears came out of her eyes.

        Liu Rachel did not dare to let Charlie wade notice her strange appearance, so she deliberately spent a few more seconds under the table, bracing herself to keep her tears under control for the time being before picking up her mobile phone.

        As a result, once the phone was picked up, she realised that the gla*s back cover had been cracked because it had knocked against a small, hard piece of sand and gravel on the ground.

        At that moment, she couldn’t care less about the broken phone, and the aggression and loss in her heart made the tears that she had been holding back so hard and was almost unable to hold back roll down again.

        Charlie wade did not expect Liu Rachel to start shedding tears when she looked down to pick up a mobile phone, so he quickly asked her, “Miss Rachel, why are you crying? What’s wrong?”

        Liu Rachel looked at him with blurred eyes and, unable to control her tears, simply burst into tears at once and choked out, “I …… broke my phone ……”