The Real Dragon Chapter 4626

        Fang Jiaxin couldn’t help but complain, “You used to complain all the time about not having a son, and now that I’ve given you a son, you’re saying such things again ……”

        Liu Jiahui said with a serious face, “I’m telling you the truth, that brat of ours, as soon as I saw him, I knew he would definitely be useless in the future, D*mn it, in primary school, not even one of the 100 percent test papers is over 20, every day he doesn’t learn anything, he just knows how to play, he’ll be D*mned if he’ll be successful in the future!”

        Fang Jiaxin couldn’t help but lower her head in frustration.

        Her own son was really not promising, even if he didn’t like to study, the key was that he was also stupid.

        As they say, three years old is old, and judging from his situation, there is basically no hope for him to make a comeback.

        A few moments later, Liu Jiahui’s motorcade drove into Sham Shui Po.

        The convoy, consisting of Rolls-Royces, was an extremely strong contrast to the dilapidated streets of Sham Shui Po.

        Almost all the residents poked their heads out of the narrow windows and stared in awe at the endlessly visible luxury motorcade.

        In a place like Sham Shui Po, such an unbelievable sight could not be seen for decades.

        As a result, many people pulled out their mobile phones to film it, while posting the content to short video platforms as well as news self-publishing platforms.

        The caravan soon arrived at the front door of the Chen family’s old mansion.

        Inside the dilapidated room, Chen Zhao Zhong, along with his mother, younger siblings and several members of his family, were already waiting.

        When the convoy reached the door, Chen Zhao Zhong’s youngest sister looked through the window at the luxurious motorcade below and asked somewhat nervously, “Big brother, should we go out to greet it?”

        Chen Zhao Zhong shook his head and said indifferently, “There are just two tenets today, the first is equality with each other, and the second is honour and shame.”

        My sister nodded with seeming understanding.

        She simply felt that it might be a little inappropriate for such a famous tycoon as Liu Jiahui to personally condescend to come to his home to pick up his own family and not go out to greet them.

        However, to Chen Zhao Zhong, he did not want his own family to be short in front of Liu Jiahui from today onwards.

        Even if Liu Jiahui was a billionaire, he still wanted his family to maintain their dignity in front of Liu Jiahui.

        At this time, Liu Jiahui had already stepped in the door.

        Just after entering, he shouted outside the door, “Ah Zhong, auntie, I’ve come to pick you up!”

        Chen Zhao Zhong opened the door and said politely, without being condescending, “It’s hard for Mr Liu to make the trip himself.”

        Liu Jiahui hurriedly laughed, “Aiya, it’s not hard, it’s not hard!”

        With that, he walked through the door, looked at the old lady, bowed slightly and asked, “Auntie, are you all packed?”

        Although the old lady was a little nervous, she thought of the two purposes that her eldest son had just mentioned and spoke, “Thank you, Mr. Liu, for your concern, it’s all packed up.”

        Liu Jiahui smiled and said, “It’s all as it should be.”

        Saying that, he pointed outside and added, “The car is all ready, do you have much luggage? If there’s more, I’ll have someone come and help!”

        “No, no need.” The old lady smiled, “Ah Zhong reminded us last night to prepare less luggage, so basically it’s just one suitcase each.”

        Liu Jiahui nodded, “It’s right to bring less stuff, I instructed my men last night to go to the department store under my name overnight and change all the daily necessities in it, and prepare a lot of hoarded goods, you all just need to move in with your bags!”

        He looked at the time and said to Chen Zhao Zhong, “Zhong, it’s almost time for us to leave, don’t delay the auspicious time, and Mr. Wade and Miss Flynn have already pa*sed, it’s not good to keep them waiting for too long!”

        Chen Zhao Zhong nodded cheerfully, “Good, let’s set off then!”