The Real Dragon Chapter 4653


        Liu Jiahui’s Rolls-Royce convoy, carrying him and Chen Zhao Zhong, arrived at the hotel where Charlie wade and Flynn Phoebe were staying on time.

        When he saw Charlie wade, Liu Jiahui said respectfully, “Mr Wade, the convoy is ready to go at any time.”

        Charlie wade nodded gently and when he saw that Liu Rachel was not there, he casually asked, “Is Miss Rachel here?”

        Liu Jiahui was busy explaining, “Back to Mr. Wade, I called Rachel and she said she just had to go to the airport for something, so she simply went there by herself first.”

        Charlie wade then said, “Good, then let’s set off as well.”

        Half an hour later, Charlie wade and Flynn Phoebe, followed Liu Jiahui’s motorcade and arrived at Hong Kong Island International Airport.

        The convoy stopped in front of the VIP building, and after Liu Jiahui got out of the front car, he jogged and came to the car beside Charlie wade’s. After pulling open the door, he said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, it’s hard for you and Miss Flynn to go through the security and customs checks first. After you finish the customs formalities, you can see me as soon as you go out.”

        He was worried that Charlie wade might not be satisfied with this process, so he hurriedly explained, “Mr. Wade, Hong Kong Island has a tighter grip on aviation security, unlike the United States where it is relatively loose, so all these procedures are necessary.

        Charlie wade nodded his head and smiled, and said, “I should, then I will go in through here with Miss Flynn.”

        “Good!” Liu Jiahui nodded and busily said, “I’ll send you two in first.”

        Charlie wade said, “There is no need to be so polite, Mr Liu, you go ahead and get busy, we will just go in ourselves.”

        With that, he got out of the car with Flynn Phoebe, one left and one right.

        Liu Jiahui insisted on sending Charlie wade and Flynn Phoebe into the VIP building and saw them enter the security check lane before hurrying back to the caravan and directing it to undergo security checks through the special car lane.

        Since Charlie wade and Flynn Phoebe had to go through one more procedure than Liu Jiahui and the others, by the time they finished the procedure and entered the airport, Liu Jiahui’s motorcade had also completed the security check and was already waiting outside the VIP lane.

        When he saw Charlie wade and Flynn Phoebe coming out, Liu Jiahui, who was guarding the entrance, immediately greeted them and said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, I’ve already had your and Miss Flynn’s luggage sent to the plane in advance.

        Charlie wade laughed, “I didn’t let Mr. Liu go through a lot of trouble to come to Hong Kong Island this time, how can I be so kind as to let Mr. Liu break the bank again.”

        Liu Jiahui said with a smile on his lips, “Mr. Wade is too polite, I should have done this, not to mention that I did not prepare any particularly expensive gifts for you, just some top-quality dried abalone, yellow-lipped fish glue and Xinhui peel. So I have prepared some for you two.”

        He said this, but in his heart Liu Jiahui couldn’t help but spit out, “The souvenirs prepared for Charlie wade, the God of Plague, are worth tens of millions of dollars alone.

        Hearing him say that, Charlie wade smiled and said, “Mr. Liu is too modest, these three items you mentioned, any one of them is a very expensive ingredient, right?”

        Liu Jiahui hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, even if these things are expensive, they are not enough to express my gratitude to you, so you must not be polite to me.”

        Charlie wade nodded, seeing that there was still no sign of Liu Rachel among those standing outside the car, and unconsciously felt a little disappointed in his heart.

        But he didn’t ask Liu Jiahui again, so he spoke, “Mr. Liu, it’s getting late, let’s get in the car and set off.”

        Liu Jiahui looked at the time and hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, I don’t know what’s wrong with this girl Rachel, her phone is not working, you wait a moment, I’ll try to call her again.”

        After saying that, Liu Jiahui took out the phone and was about to call it when he heard Liu Rachel’s voice ringing out not far away, “Dad!”

        Charlie wade subconsciously turned his head back, and the moment he saw Liu Rachel, the few moments of disappointment that were uncontrollable in his heart instantly dissipated.

        If he could not see Liu Rachel one more time before leaving Hong Kong Island today, his heart would definitely have a few regrets.

        At this moment, Liu Jiahui also looked happy, reached out to Liu Rachel and waved, and couldn’t help but complain, “Where have you been? Everyone is waiting for you, and you didn’t give me a call!”

        Liu Rachel panted and said, “A good sister just came back from Japan …… I asked her to bring something for me …… So …… So I came over to pick it up from her first …… As a result, her plane was delayed and I just picked up the things and rushed over, I was running all the way and didn’t bother to check my phone.”

        Saying that, Liu Rachel came to Liu Jiahui’s side, looked at Charlie wade and Flynn Phoebe and said somewhat apologetically, “Sorry Mr. Wade, Miss Flynn, for keeping you two waiting.”

        Flynn Phoebe smiled faintly and said, “It’s alright, we just arrived too, besides it’s not like we’re in a hurry to catch a flight, there’s no rush.”