The Real Dragon Chapter 4670

        Claire shook her head and said seriously, “I think things should not be that simple, you wait and see if my mum wears that necklace tomorrow, if she still doesn’t wear it tomorrow, then I guess she wants to sell this necklace.”

        Charlie wade didn’t expect Claire to predict Elaine so accurately, so he said with a smile, “Aiya, you shouldn’t worry so much about idle worries, since it’s something given to Elaine, what she does with it is her freedom, we have no right to interfere.”

        “Besides, I don’t think Elaine would do such a thing, if you don’t believe me, when we return to China, you will know if she still has this necklace or not.”

        Claire couldn’t help but sigh and said helplessly, “I don’t want to interfere in her affairs either, it’s just that she, as a person, does do things very disappointingly some times, this necklace was after all given to her by you, I hope she won’t sell it for profit.”

        Charlie wade smiled, “Don’t worry, when we go back, this necklace will definitely still be there.”

        Claire did not know why Charlie wade was so sure, but it was not good to discuss this hypothetical issue too deeply, so she nodded and sighed, “I hope so ……”


        At this moment, New York, the Flynn family.

        Since the plane that Flynn Phoebe and Charlie wade took off from Hong Kong Island, Garet has been waiting anxiously and expectantly at home, and this is a whole day.

        Although Garet had succeeded in renewing his life by relying on half of the Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill given by Charlie wade, he knew very well that he was already on the verge of death, and more than half of the effects of the medicine were probably spent on saving his life rather than renewing it.

        This was why, at that time, Charlie wade said that this half pill would allow him to live for another year, or at most two years.

        Because of this, Garet had already started counting down the days to his life, and he had pinned most of his hopes on the Spring Return Pill auction next year.

        After all, he was no longer the head of the Flynn family. When he was the head of the Flynn family, he had failed to win the Spring Return Pill, and now that he had stepped aside, the situation for next year was not yet known.

        Although he did not doubt Flynn Phoebe’s character and filial piety, he was worried that the price for next year’s Spring Return Pill would be even higher than this year’s, or even much higher.

        If it was really much higher, then even if Flynn Phoebe was willing to pay for it, I was afraid that it would still be beyond her means.

        Therefore, this time, Flynn Phoebe’s trip to Hong Kong Island to help Charlie wade solve the matter of Chen Zhao Zhong gave Garet a glimmer of hope.

        He thought he knew Charlie wade’s character better. Generally speaking, he would not owe others any favours, and very often, he would respect people as much as he respected them.

        Flynn Phoebe, as the head of the Flynn family, had come all this way to go there, so he thought that Charlie wade should more or less show something.

        Garet did not dare to expect Charlie wade to give Flynn Phoebe a Spring Return Pill, but if Charlie wade could give her half a Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill, it would be an extra year or two, or even two or three years of life for himself.

        Because of this, he did not sleep well all night yesterday, all he could think about was the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill, and he even teared up a bit all day today.

        There were several times in between when he almost couldn’t resist calling or sending a message to ask Flynn Phoebe, but when he thought that she should be with Charlie wade the whole time, he could only wait for Flynn Phoebe to come back and reveal the answer to himself in person.

        The plane that Flynn Phoebe took first took Charlie wade to Providence, and then flew from Providence to New York, one after the other, plus the flight in between, delaying him by almost forty minutes.

        When he heard that Flynn Phoebe’s plane had landed at New York’s JFK airport, Garet became even more apprehensive.

        Originally, he was eager to go to the airport to pick up the plane so that he could be the first to uncover the mystery.

        However, thinking that his granddaughter was already very intelligent and very good at observing details, he was afraid that his actions would make Flynn Phoebe aware of the situation, so he had to resist the urge to stay at home and wait impatiently.

        When the butler came to tell him that Miss’s caravan had entered the main gate, he couldn’t hold back any longer and said to the butler, “Quickly, help me go outside to greet them!”