The Real Dragon Chapter 4679

When Chen Liping heard that the meal was ready, she immediately warmly invited Charlie wade’s family to move to the dining room.

        At this moment, in the restaurant, there was a man in his sixties who was busy setting the plates.

        The young man who went to ask them to eat was Chen Liping’s son, named Man Yingjie.

        After inviting the family to sit down at the dining table, he smiled and asked Charlie wade, “What kind of wine does Wade like to drink? I have red wine and Maotai here.”

        Charlie wade politely said, “Sorry Uncle Man, I still have to drive, so I won’t drink.”

        Hearing this, Man Jinshan was not angry and said with a smile, “It’s alright, don’t drink if you’re driving.”

        After saying that, he looked at his son, Man Yingjie, and said, “Yingjie, if you don’t have anything else to do tonight, can we have a drink?”

        Man Yingjie smiled and nodded, “Let’s have some then.”

        Chen Liping hastily urged, “You two should drink a little less.”

        The father and son agreed, and then Man Yingjie took out a bottle of Moutai, opened it impatiently, and poured a gla*s for himself and a gla*s for his father.

        It could be seen that both father and son were somewhat addicted to wine, so from the moment the bottle was opened and the fragrance of wine wafted out, the two of them appeared to be somewhat restrained.

        However, although both of them craved wine, neither of them lifted their gla*ses, but could not help but look at Chen Liping.

        Chen Liping said to Elaine with a smile at this time, “Elaine, let’s stop drinking and just start!”

        Elaine was already not a drinker, so she readily agreed.

        While eating, Chen Liping remembered something and said to Elaine, “Elaine, what day is your flight?”

        Elaine said, “I’m flying on Sunday night.”

        Chen Liping said, “Oh, I have a sister who is also going back to China at the weekend, she is also leaving from New York, so maybe you two can be companions.”

        Elaine was surprised and asked, “Really? It would be great if we could be companions. It’s a 10-hour journey, and it’s going to kill anyone who’s bored.

        Chen Liping took out her mobile phone and said, “I’ll ask her, she said a few days ago that she was going back to China recently, and I had asked her to bring something back to my father, so I went to New York to deliver it to her.”

        Chen Liping said, “Let me ask her what her flight number is and if it’s the same flight as yours, if it is, I’ll send you her contact information, so you can contact her when you arrive in New York and have some company.”

        Naturally, Elaine was full of agreement and smiled, “Then ask her, my flight number is CX845, I have to fly to Hong Kong Island first before connecting.”

        Chen Liping kept tapping on her fingertips while saying, “Okay, I’ll ask her for you, if it’s the same flight, you’ll go together, she’s going back to Guangdong Province, the odds are that she’s also going to Hong Kong Island for a connecting flight.”

        Soon, Chen Liping handed her mobile phone to Elaine and said with a smile, “Aiya, look, she is also on this flight!”

        Elaine fixed her eyes on the chat page and found that the other party had indeed replied to Chen Liping with a line that read CX845.

        She also couldn’t help but say in surprise, “OMG this is too much of a coincidence.”

        “Yes.” Chen Liping said with a smile, “This sister is very powerful, their family specializes in import and export trade between China and the United States, their fortune is several billion, you should get to know her, it might be helpful to you in the future.”

        Elaine was overjoyed and said, “That’s really great, Sister Chen, go back and push her WeChat business card to me, I’ll add her.”