The Real Dragon Chapter 4685

After the family returned to the hotel, Elaine received a business card message from Chen Liping.

        The nickname of the other party was “Grateful Heart”, and from her avatar, she looked like a very well-kept woman in her 40s.

        Moreover, the picture in the avatar was taken on a very luxurious private jet.

        After all, Elaine was also someone who had been on a private jet, and the luxurious trip to the United States was a trip she would never forget.

        So, when she saw this woman’s avatar, she instinctively thought in her heart that this woman must be very powerful.

        So, she silently went back to her room, added the other party’s friend, and wrote on the application message, “Hello, I am a friend of Sister Chen.”

        After sending the message, the other party quickly approved her friend request, and then sent her a smiley face, followed by a voice message, “Hello, you are Elaine, right?”

        Elaine hurriedly replied, “Yes, it’s me, I think Sister Chen has told you everything, right? I happen to be flying from New York to Hong Kong Island this Sunday, and then connecting back to the Mainland.”

        The other party replied, “Oh, that’s great, then we should both be on the same flight, by the way, are you in first cla*s or economy cla*s?”

        Elaine hurriedly said, “My son-in-law has bought me first cla*s.”

        The other party laughed, “That’s good, I’ve also bought first cla*s, let’s check in together after we meet at the airport, we can choose a closer seat then.”

        “Okay, okay.” Elaine smiled and agreed, then asked, “I wonder what your name is?”

        The other party replied, “My surname is Zong, my name is Zong Mia.”

        Elaine smiled and said, “Oh, that’s not a common surname!”

        The other party laughed, “Not bad, one of my cousins is in the beverage business, very famous in China, you should have heard of him.”

        As he said that, the other party sent me a person’s encyclopedia, and when Elaine clicked on it, he was almost scared!

        This rich man, surnamed Zong, was a famous beverage king, and his family’s a*sets exceeded 100 billion, and that was in US dollars!

        Elaine’s heart was in shock and she couldn’t help but ask, “Oh my God, is this Mr. Zong a relative of yours?”

        “Yes.” The woman who called herself Zong Mia said very modestly, “But we are distant relatives, not that close, and our family’s business is not as big as theirs, their family a*sets have already exceeded a hundred billion dollars, our family only has a few billion dollars, not even a fraction of theirs. It’s a far cry from that.”

        If you hadn’t mentioned that my family name was very rare, I wouldn’t have told you about this relationship, after all, it’s a distant relative, so it seems like I’m a bit of a fox.”

        Hearing these words from the other side, deep inside Elaine’s heart, she immediately admired this woman named Zong Mia.

        In her opinion, some people’s modesty was false modesty and true pride, while some people’s modesty was true modesty and no pride, and Zong Mia was the latter.

        He was obviously worth billions of dollars, yet he still talked about himself as if he was worthless.

        Elaine couldn’t help but sigh in his heart: “The difference between people is indeed huge! I’m so crazy to carry a basic Hermes and take a private jet from a lottery, but I didn’t expect that he would be so low-profile when he is worth billions of dollars.”

        While sighing, Elaine suddenly remembered something and thought, “If she is so rich, why doesn’t she take a private jet?”

        Thinking of this, Elaine was ready to ask about it.