The Real Dragon Chapter 4693

The following day, it was time for Elaine to return to China.

        Although he didn’t say anything, in his heart he only thought of it as a payment for Elaine’s hard work in coming to America to help accompany Claire.

        At five o’clock in the afternoon, Charlie wade and Claire dropped Elaine off at New York’s JFK airport.

        Because she had bought first cla*s, Elaine did not rush to check in, but said to Charlie wade and Claire: “Claire, good son-in-law, you two don’t have to bother to see me in and through security, the friend introduced by Sister Chen happens to be on the same flight as me. I’ll wait for her there for a while and go in together to check in when she arrives.”

        Claire didn’t think much of it, thinking that it would be much easier for her mother to have someone to keep her company on the road, even if it was just for a chat.

        But then Claire remembered that Sister Chen and her slightly strange family members, so she hurriedly instructed, “Mom, it’s fine to fly with someone else, but you must be careful, don’t trust others too much, especially don’t trust others to take you to make money or speculate in stocks, and don’t lend money to others, understand? “

        Elaine said with a smile, “Aiya, who would look at my three pieces of money, they are from very rich families.”

        She was afraid that Claire would ramble on, so she hurriedly added, “But don’t worry, your mother is not a vegetarian, I’ve been travelling all over the world for so many years, when have I ever suffered a loss?”

        Claire’s expression was a little embarra*sed, thinking, “You’ve had fewer losses over the years. ……”

        However, seeing that we were about to part, Claire did not want to say anything more, so he said, “Then mum you pay more attention on the road, in addition to make sure to pay attention to rest, never chat with others for a long time, you have to be jet-lagged after returning to China, if this journey is not well rested to home is very painful.”

        “Gee, don’t worry about it!” Elaine said smilingly, “Mom can definitely take care of herself, just don’t worry, and my good son-in-law, you don’t have to worry about me too much, just stay in America with Claire at ease, mum is waiting for you guys back at home!”

        Charlie wade nodded gently and said with a smile, “Okay mum, remember to tell us when you get on the plane.”

        “Okay!” Elaine agreed readily.

        The car soon arrived at the entrance of the departure level of the airport. As Elaine did not allow Charlie wade and Claire to take her inside, Charlie wade stopped the car directly at the roadside and helped Elaine take out her luggage before watching her push her suitcase into the entrance of the airport together with Claire.

        When Elaine was about to enter, she even waved her hand at Charlie wade and Claire and shouted, “Claire, Charlie wade, you guys hurry back!”

        When Claire saw that her mother was going back to China alone, she suddenly felt some sadness and reluctance in her heart, and her tears flowed uncontrollably, waving her hand and choking up, “Mom, make sure you tell us before you get on the plane!”

        “Good, good, just don’t worry!”