The Real Dragon Chapter 4697

Zong Mia did not expect that Elaine would offer to stay and go to the hospital with her.

        She just wanted to find a suitable excuse to lure Elaine into the bait, and at the same time, she wanted to leave.

        So she said to Elaine in all seriousness, “Elaine, in this suitcase, I have a lot of things that I brought for Chen’s parents, some tonic products and some special medicine that cannot be bought in China. If I can’t bring them the stuff today, I’ll be delaying people’s business ……”

        Elaine hurriedly asked, “Then what should we do? Aren’t you unable to leave?”

        Zong Mia nodded and busily said, “I can’t leave today, but you can go back first, I’ll go to the hospital today to settle my mother down, I guess she was kicked by a horse, her body will indeed suffer a bit, but it shouldn’t be anything serious, at the earliest, I’ll be able to rush back tomorrow.”

        I will arrange for my housekeeper on Hong Kong Island to pick you up at the airport and have him take you to my villa in Shixun Road first, then I will ask Chen’s brother to go to the villa to get your things, and then you can just give him this suitcase directly. Then you’ll wait for me at the villa, I’ll be there tomorrow.”

        The reason why Elaine said that she wanted to go to the hospital with Zong Mia was because she was afraid that her trip to Hong Kong Island would turn into a shame, but since Zhong Mia had said so, it meant that she could go to her villa in Hong Kong Island first, the big deal was to wait for her for a day.

        Elaine actually didn’t want to toss and turn to see an old lady in hospital whom she had never met before, and this suggestion from Zong Mia could be considered a two-for-one and mutual benefit for her.

        So she nodded and said readily, “OK, then I’ll take my things and wait for you on Hong Kong Island!”

        When Zong Mia saw that Elaine had taken the bait, he was relieved and then smiled, “That’s really hard for you Elaine, you can check in your luggage directly later, I will have the driver pick you up at the airport after you arrive at the place, the driver will help you carry your luggage, so you don’t have to work too hard. After you arrive at the villa, I will give you a full body spa treatment to relax you!”

        When Elaine heard this, she smiled happily and exclaimed, “Oh, Mia, your arrangements are so thoughtful, you don’t need to go to such trouble.”

        Zong Mia said in a serious manner, “What I don’t like most is to owe people favours, you have helped me so much, how can I neglect you!”

        Saying that, she patted Elaine’s shoulder and said with a smile, “You should enjoy yourself first when you arrive in Hong Kong Island, let the housekeeper arrange for you to stay in my room tomorrow night, I have a Hasten mattress worth more than one million dollars in that room, it’s almost the best you can buy in this world, you must have a good experience.”

        “Fine, fine!” Elaine’s whole body fluttered as she listened, and said in a rush, “Then it’s a deal, I’ll go to Hong Kong Island first and wait for you!”

        “Good!” Zong Mia nodded and said, “The situation on my old mother’s side is urgent, so I’ll go there first, I’ll push your phone number and WeChat to my housekeeper there later, he’ll arrange everything in advance.”

        Elaine immediately said, “No problem!”

        Zong Mia handed that suitcase of his to Elaine and said gratefully, “Elaine, I’m counting on you for these things!”

        Elaine said with a smile, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it!”

        Zong Mia nodded gratefully, and then left the lounge in a hurry.

        Only after she had left did Elaine struggle to tug on the two large suitcases and slowly walk out.

        The driver was the same one who had been listening to her conversation with Elaine on the other end of the phone.

        After Zong Mia got in, he started the car while smiling and asked, “That Elaine took the bait?”

        “Of course.” Zong Mia laughed, “As long as I’m out there, there are few mules I can’t handle.”

        The man smacked his lips and said, “How many goods did you get the horse to bring this time?”