The Real Dragon Chapter 4721

Wan Long Temple’s investigation was very efficient, and after just one night, they had roughly mapped out what was going on.

        Wan Bajun called Charlie wade and reported in detail, “Mr. Wade, according to my men’s investigation, the Chinese woman who has been getting close to your mother-in-law at the Providence Chinese Riot Squad, her real name is not Chen Liping, but Olivia Zhen.”

        “Olivia Zhen?” Charlie wade frowned and asked, “What is the origin of this Olivia Zhen?”

        Wan Bajun said, “This Olivia zhen came to the United States alone more than twenty years ago, originally she hoped to work in the United States to earn money to build houses for her two sons and get married at home. After exhausting her family’s savings to sneak into the United States, she took the alias of Huang Sanmei and worked as a nanny for Chinese families in the local Chinatown.”

        “She used an alias because the snakehead who transported her to the US told her not to let anyone know her real identity while she was in the US, so that if she made money in the future, there was still the possibility of clearing her past and getting a green card again with her real identity, but if someone found out that she had been an illegal immigrant, it would be difficult to get a green card again. “

        In order to make her identity more credible, she also made up a Hakka background for herself, saying that she was the third of four sisters in her family, so her parents gave her such a simple and straightforward name, which was really useful. Plus, she had a natural talent for lying and acting, so it didn’t go unnoticed by her employer.”

        Charlie wade asked him, “Then how did this Olivia Zhen go from being a nanny to a criminal who specialises in victimising her fellow countrymen?”

        Wan Bajun said, “Back to Mr. Wade, the exact reason is still under investigation, because this Olivia Zhen has been in the United States for more than 20 years, and she has been in the United States as an illegal immigrant for most of the time, so the experience during this time still needs to be investigated in depth, but there is a clue to the first employer that Olivia Zhen came to the United States, they met with a fire during Olivia Zhen’s The third year, they suffered a fire, a family of four died three, Olivia Zhen and the little son who was not yet one year old disappeared, we suspect that the fire should have been set by Olivia Zhen, the child was also taken away by her, the probability is that it was sold by her.”

        Hearing this, Charlie wade asked in a cold voice: “Such a big matter, the American police did not investigate and solve it?”

        Wan Xiaojun said, “The irresponsible American police conducted a preliminary investigation after the fire and decided that the cause of the fire was the male owner smoking in the living room and setting the sofa on fire, thus starting a fire in the living room. It was an accident, and as for the missing child, the American police did not give a clear account.”

        “I looked through the relevant files and at that time a neighbour gave a tip-off to the police, claiming that there had been a nanny named Huang Sanmei in the employer’s house, and after the fire, both this nanny and the one-year-old child were nowhere to be found, so she was very much under suspicion;”

        “But the American police at the time did not investigate the matter in depth after the statement was taken, on the grounds that no traces of arson were found in the fire and that no property was missing from the scene;”

        “As for the so-called Sammy Wong, since there was no image of her at that time, the American police officers working on the case at that time only put up such a name in the police system for police officers across the United States to a*sist in the investigation of an Asian woman named Sammy Wong, but this did not go anywhere;”