The Real Dragon Chapter 4731

Although the old Chinese ancestors had admonished long ago that money was a thing outside of the body, in fact, many people valued money more than life.

        For her, her greatest pursuit is to make more money so that her family can continue to flourish.

        If her offspring could become the second or third generation of the rich and continue to be rich for a long time, that would be the ultimate goal of her life.

        Her ultimate goal in life is not to have any single offspring, but to be able to make the whole family complete a reversal of fate.

        To put it plainly, it is to sacrifice me alone to make several generations happy.

        Therefore, if she were to be killed at this moment so that her family would not be affected in any way, she would never have any hesitation.

        But now, this matter had developed in the direction she least wanted to see.

        It was that these foundations that she had worked so hard to build up would fall apart in an instant.

        She shares the same opinion as Zhao Benshan when compared to the two situations of people dying without spending their money and people living without their money.

        She feels that instead of being a tragedy, people dying without money being spent is a symbol of success, because the great families in the United States, which have been pa*sed down for hundreds of years, have invariably died without money being spent.

        And the homeless people on the streets of America who cannot even afford to sleep in tents and have to huddle under bridge holes are, without exception, the cla*sic ‘people alive, money gone’.

        So, when all her efforts were reduced to nothing and all her business was destroyed, it was a real tragedy and a real disaster for her!

        At this moment, Olivia Zhen was so distraught that after throwing up everything she could in her stomach, she sat down on the gra*s at the side of the road and cried with a headache.

        The other three did not expect that this female demon, who had killed an unknown number of people, would sit so helplessly on the side of the road, holding her head and crying.

        At a certain moment, Manchinshan’s heart was more or less in a trance.

        He had thought that someone like Olivia Zhen, who had a heart of stone and at the same time put life and death beyond her reach, would be fearless in her life.

        He did not expect that she would not even be afraid of death, but she was most afraid of poverty.

        However, in his heart, Manjinshan could not help but feel some pleasure at this moment.

        He had long had a grudge against Olivia Zhen.

        On the one hand, it was because this woman had absolute control over their little group, and never looked kindly on them, ordering them around and occasionally even scolding them.

        On the other hand, it was because this woman made far more money than he did.

        There were times when it was harder to watch others make money than to lose money yourself.

        I would rather lose a hundred myself than see someone else make ten thousand.

        Such was the case with Manchu Kinsan.

        Although he is also making money alone in the United States, with his wife, children and grandchildren, all relying on him at home, his family, at home, is not quite as rich.

        The cash he had given to his family one after another over the years was estimated to be around 10 million RMB.

        In his opinion, this amount of money was enough for his family to live on, but it would not be as obvious as Olivia Zhen’s, so although Olivia Zhen’s family had been arrested, his own family was definitely safe.