The Real Dragon Chapter 4742

        The red-haired woman, Chloe, was disturbed by hearing Elaine cry, and grabbed Elaine’s hair with one hand and slapped her again with the other, while saying coldly, “If I hear you cry again, I’ll rip your mouth out!”

        Elaine really didn’t expect the women’s prison in America to be so dark, she had not even been in for a few minutes before being slapped three times.

        That Chloe saw Elaine’s face swollen into a pig’s head and laughed contemptuously, “Remember, today is just a slight lesson for you, if I don’t see smoke tomorrow, the consequences will be on you!”

        With that, she instructed a woman behind her, “Jenny, go and fetch a basin of water!”

        The woman called Jenny immediately ran to the bathroom and soon came back with a basin full of water.

        Chloe looked at Elaine and said in a cold voice, “Sorry, you’ll have to sleep on the floor today.”

        With that, she gave a wink to that Jenny.

        Jenny, who was no slouch either, looked at Elaine playfully and poured a basin of water all over her bed straight away.

        Not only was the bedding she had just received drenched in water, but the pillows and mattress were also unusable.

        Elaine did not dare to speak, let alone resist, and could only look at her bed, which was dripping water, with hatred and regret.

        What she hated was the fact that Chloe had deceived her too much, and what she regretted was the fact that she had played her cards badly.

        She choked in her heart and thought, “I really regret it …… If I hadn’t been fooled by those two B*****ds Olivia Zhen and Zong Mia, I would have flown back to Aurous Hill by now! If I hadn’t been fooled by those two sons of B*tches like Olivia Zhen and Zong Mia, I would have flown back to Aurous Hill and sold the necklace that Charlie wade gave me, and I would be living a very comfortable life now ……. And to be humiliated by these prison bullies ……”

        At this time, Chloe looked at Elaine and sneered, “I heard that you Chinese people are particularly fond of foot ma*sage, it just so happens that I have been uncomfortable with the soles of my feet for the past two days, so go get a tub of hot water and give my feet a good squeeze!”

        Elaine subconsciously said, “I …… I don’t know how to ……”

        “Won’t you?” Chloe sneered and took a toothpaste from the personal items that Elaine had just received, directly opened the cap and aimed the toothpaste at Elaine’s mouth, then squeezed in a large amount in one breath, squeezing Elaine’s mouth full.

        She tried to dodge it and spit it out, but Chloe beckoned to Jenny, who immediately called for two other men, who expertly pinned her down on the wet single bed, then two of them pinned her shoulders so that she couldn’t move, while the other covered her mouth so that she couldn’t spit out the toothpaste.

        Chloe and her men were already familiar with this tactic, and with her mouth covered she could barely breathe through her nose.

        At this point, Chloe laughed cruelly and said sternly, “Swallow the toothpaste in your mouth if you know what you’re doing, otherwise I’ll have to go to the toilet and get something to feed you!”

        When Elaine heard this, she was scared out of her wits and could only grit her teeth and swallow the toothpaste in her mouth little by little, not caring about the pungency of the toothpaste.

        After she had eaten most of the toothpaste, her whole oesophagus and stomach were burning with pain, and she could not stop the tears in her eyes.

        She couldn’t help but wail in her heart, “This red-haired female devil is even worse than Zhang Guifen! She is a demoness! Wait for me, if you fall into my hands, I will torture you tenfold and a hundredfold!”