The Real Dragon Chapter 4757

Chloe didn’t even have a chance to beg Elaine for mercy before the slaps from more than thirty people lined up one after the other.

        By the time the blows were late, Chloe’s whole body had felt spinning.

        She didn’t know how many times she had pa*sed out, and the next thing she knew, she was woken up by a loud slap.

        And Elaine stood by, overseeing each female prisoner who smacked Chloe like Zhou Pai Pi overseeing his own long-time worker.

        Whenever one of the slaps was too light, Elaine went up and gave her a kick.

        In her words, “You’ve been bullied by her so badly, but now that you’ve finally had a chance to turn the tables, why are you still so soft? That one just now doesn’t count, give me a new fight!”

        In fact, most of them were not soft-hearted when they faced Chloe.

        They were just tired of slapping, and inevitably one or two of them had lost their strength and were a bit sloppy.

        But in Elaine’s view, such slaps were absolutely not allowed.

        So, the women were getting tougher and tougher out of revenge against Chloe and out of fear of offending Elaine.

        After so many people lined up to be slapped, Chloe even showed signs of concussion.

        But Elaine was still not satisfied.

        She had only been here for a day, but that day had already made her feel the enormous malice and brutality of this person, Chloe.

        So, Elaine decided that she would not show any mercy to this demon, and as long as she was still at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, she would make her life a living hell.

        So, after everyone had finished slapping Chloe, Elaine walked up to the disfigured Chloe and said in a cold voice, “Chloe, you’ve been working here for so long, you didn’t think you’d see this day, did you?”

        With a sneer, Elaine continued, “There’s a saying in China: “Don’t look happy today, but be careful of the list in the future, it’s only a matter of time before the people liquidate a bully like you!”

        After saying this, Elaine saw Chloe’s dumbfounded face and immediately pointed at the Chinese girl who was a wallflower and said in a cold voice: “What are you still doing? Translate for her!”

        The girl was also confused and quickly asked, “Aunty …… pull what green dan ah, green dan?”

        Elaine scolded: “Pull the list ah! The crime liquidation list ah! You f*cking think you have a stomach upset to go to the toilet? Haven’t you ever seen Little Soldier Zhang Ga? You don’t even know such a cla*sic line, are you still a Chinese?!”

        The girl coyly said, “I …… am Chinese …… but was born and raised in the United States …… and became an American citizen ……”

        Elaine said in exasperation, “How can your parents be, don’t they teach you patriotism?!”

        The girl shook her head and whispered, “They are busy making money every day and rarely care about me ……”

        Elaine coldly snorted, “Let me tell you, no matter where one goes, one can never forget one’s roots! You may be an American citizen, but don’t forget that your skin is still yellow and your hair is still black!”

        The girl nodded her head in a panic and said, “Auntie you are right in your criticism …… I will definitely keep that in mind in the future and learn more about Chinese culture ……”

        Elaine gave her a blank look and said nothing more, pointing at Chloe and urging, “Hurry up, translate and interpret!”

        The girl didn’t dare to delay and hurriedly translated Elaine’s words.

        Chloe’s tears had dried up and she was sitting on the floor, swaying and shaking like an unstable man.

        But when she heard that Elaine was going to liquidate herself, she was afraid that Elaine was not satisfied by now, so she cried vaguely and said, “Please spare me this time …… The mistakes I made in the past are all repaid ten times and a hundred times now …… I won’t I really don’t dare to do it again ……”

        Elaine sneered, “Now you know how to beg for forgiveness? It’s useless for me to tell you! Come on, hurry up and get up for your grandma Elaine, carry the basin to the toilet and fetch water to wash everyone’s feet, from today until the day your grandma Elaine is released from prison, you must wash and squeeze everyone’s feet every day!”