The Real Dragon Chapter 4760

        Saying that, Wan Bajun instructed a few words to the people around him, and in less than a minute, he said to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, I have found out on my side, something strange, this old lady has not been back to her country for at least 20 years, and in these 20 years, she has not taken a flight at all.”

        “Strange ……” Charlie wade said with a frown, “What value does a person who hasn’t flown for 20 years and is an old lady have to Olivia Zhen?”

        “I’m not sure ……” Wan Bajun was busy saying, “I’ll immediately send someone over to approach this old lady and investigate her situation carefully.”

        Charlie wade spoke, “Don’t bother, you help me look at the composition of this old lady’s family.”

        Wan Bajun said, “Mr. Wade, I have the information here, the old lady’s name is Zhou Mia, seventy-three years old, she only has one son, he is forty years old, her son was a public study student some years ago, then he emigrated to the United States, he brought her over from China twenty years ago, but the old lady came here on her own, her partner should have lost her.”

        Charlie wade asked again, “Did you find out the address of their home? See what level of community their home is located in Providence.”

        Wan Bajun replied a little later, “Mr. Wade, the place where the old lady’s family lives, re Providence is a rather shabby community, most of the local Chinese don’t live there, generally the people living there are Hispanic and African-American.”

        Charlie wade could not help but be a little surprised, pondering, “This matter is a little strange, according to reason this old lady, the family conditions should be very ordinary, and the country is probably not much immediate family, and is unlikely to return to the country, Olivia Zhen approach her for what purpose?”

        “This I also did not figure out ……,” Wan Breaking Jun said, “I also checked the old lady’s CCTV footage, she actually still works in a Chinese restaurant, so old still out to work, looking at the situation the family should be very difficult. “

        Charlie wade frowned and continued to ask, “What about her son? Since her son used to be a public study student, he must be a graduate from a famous university, his income can’t be too low, right?”

        Wan Bajun explained, “Her son’s situation is rather miserable, in the early years he did earn a good income, working as a technical director in a multinational company, but since the year he turned 35, he has been constantly looking for a job, being fired, then looking for another job, and his income has been declining, now he has been unemployed for more than a year, the family mortgage has been stopped for several months, and now the bank is about to repossess the The house, his son just sold the family’s commercial car with 100,000 miles on it the other day, and now it can be said that the family is in dire straits, and I can’t figure out why a high achiever from a famous university would be doing so badly.”

        Charlie wade said lightly: “This situation is still very common in large enterprises, for some large enterprises, older employees because they have been working for too long, seniority is too old, but the salary is amazingly high, and because they are older, their bodies are overdrawn, and they have a family and a home to worry about, so they can’t fight anymore, and their learning ability is not as good as young people, for these large companies, if For these large companies, if they replace these middle-aged people with young people, not only can the cost be greatly reduced, but the new young people are also full of energy and can be pressed hard for more than ten years.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added: “Once such middle-aged people are fired, when they are re-employed, the salary level will avalanche, young people are all getting higher salaries the more they jump ship, while most middle-aged people are getting lower salaries the more they jump ship.”

        Wan Bajun was deeply impressed and sighed, “Capitalists are really the cruelest.”

        Saying that, Wan Bajun remembered something and hurriedly said, “Oh yes, I just checked in the civil aviation system by hand, this Zhou Mia’s son, booked a ticket to fly to Mexico the day after tomorrow, probably to work in Mexico ……”

        Charlie wade was even more surprised: “To Mexico to work? That place is much poorer than the United States, and it is considered extra-legal, how would a normal person go from the United States to work there?”

        “This is unclear ……,” Wan Bajun said, “My side also found the record of his son’s medical examination last week, it was done at the hospital in Providence, the medical examination item registered is the entry physical examination, should be in order to find a job That’s why he had it done.”

        Charlie wade gave a hint, and didn’t think much of it at first.

        However, he suddenly remembered something and said, “Broken Army, the information you gave me just now showed that many of the people who had contact with Olivia Zhen had simply evaporated and their whereabouts were unknown, right?”

        “Yes.” Wan Bajun said, “These people are all registered as missing in the police system, and none of them have been found.”

        Charlie wade frowned and suddenly said, “Quickly check these missing people, see where their files show that they disappeared, and focus on whether they had been to Mexico before they disappeared!”