The Real Dragon Chapter 4770

       He also saw many of his seniors who had studied finance enter Wall Street investment banks after graduation and receive high salaries of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars as soon as they graduated.

        Later, he also saw many outstanding seniors, with venture capital from the United States, return to China and invest in a large number of star companies that would later become extremely famous in China, not only helping those companies to become the world’s top, but also helping their own investment banks to earn huge profits, and they themselves were all famous and profitable, and some were even hailed as the most bullish investors, publishing books and making a name for themselves.

        What he had seen and heard had deeply stimulated Calvin.

        He did not want to go back to the US to be an employee of a state-owned enterprise or a civil servant after studying in the US. He wanted to be like those people and become a man of the world, and then return to China as a man of the world to create a great enterprise or invest in a group of great enterprises.

        However, in any industry, the pathways left for top talent are very narrow.

        Over the years, not even a few hundred of the millions of international students who are supposed to be at the elite level have really made it to the top.

        The reason is that in any era, a top talent has to have the right time, the right place and the right people, and it is not always possible to reach the top if one works hard.

        This was the case with Calvin.

        He stayed in the US with a dream, but reality kept waving a big stick at him.

        In the first few years of his stay in the US, he still had aspirations, but it wasn’t long before he started to work for a living and gradually became more and more ordinary.

        As Calvin and Charlie wade talked more and more, and as he revealed his heart more and more, he became teary-eyed from the start.

        Seeing that the plane was about to land, Charlie wade handed him a tissue and said, “Older brother, Mexico is not suitable for you, when the plane lands, buy a ticket to go back.”

        Calvin shook his head and said, “What would I do if I went back? My wife and children are still waiting for me to feed them, the family car has already been sold, if it goes on like this, I will have to sell my house.”

        Saying that, he said with a determined face, “Being a seafarer can earn tens of thousands of dollars a year, so I can solve the family’s financial problems, so I must grit my teeth and persevere.”

        Seeing his resolute expression, Charlie wade suddenly felt as if he had to make some adjustments to his previous plan.

        He had originally planned to have the people of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple rob Calvin in advance, find a place to lock him up first, and then set him free after he had investigated the whole matter and uprooted Olivia Zhen and the people behind her.

        At that time, where he wanted to go and what he wanted to do would have nothing to do with him.

        After all, it was possible that he had saved his life, and this was already considered to be his destiny.

        But now Charlie wade suddenly realised that, in the face of this middle-aged man who was almost desperate for life and trying to struggle in a desperate situation, doing so would only cut off the tiny bit of hope he had ignited for life at the moment.

        When he returns to the US after his false alarm, his mother will still be working in the restaurant, his wife and children will still be without a roof over their heads, and even their house will be repossessed by the bank.

        So, instead of this, it would be better to take Calvin with him.

        Whatever awaits him ahead, let him go and experience it for himself.

        Perhaps, after the dust has settled, this experience will enable this confused and miserable middle-aged man to find his way back to the past.