The Real Dragon Chapter 4781

Gibby looked at Charlie wade disdainfully at this moment and said indifferently, “Don’t be anxious yet, later I will have someone take a blood sample from you and then upload your blood type and other relevant information onto the internet, once there is a patient who matches you, I will negotiate a price with the other party, after the deal is made, you can just wait for the operating table.”

        The Indian doctor, Hardik, said, “D*mn, I almost forgot that there were two more on the operating table.”

        With that, he hurriedly reached out and pulled open the white curtain next to him, and inside, as Charlie wade had guessed, was a simple operating theatre with two operating tables, and at that moment, there was a person lying on each of the two tables.

        The Indian doctor ran over and looked at the condition of the two men, and spoke to Uncle Ma, “Mr. Ma, the guest’s condition is almost stable, he can be sent to recuperate.”

        “Good.” Uncle Ma nodded and with a wave of his hand, several Mexicans immediately stepped forward and carried the man to a mobile hospital bed and carried him out.

        Uncle Ma then looked at the other man who was lying unconscious on the operating table and asked the doctor, “How is this guy doing?”

        Hardik looked at it, shook his head and said, “Not too good, too weak, probably won’t live for a few days.”

        Saying that, he asked Uncle Ma, “Have you found a buyer for the rest of the body?”

        Uncle Ma shook his head and said, “There has been no match.”

        When he finished, Uncle Ma said, “Don’t worry about him, let him stay here, I’ll have someone pull him out and bury him at midnight.”

        Hardik spoke up and said, “Then I’ll leave him alone, I’m done for the day, go up to bed.”

        Uncle Ma instructed, “Remember you have two more operations tomorrow, so don’t get up too late.”

        Hardik nodded hastily, then yawned and walked away.

        Gibby shouted after him, “Hey, Hardik, haven’t taken the boy’s blood yet!”

        Hardik turned back and said, “Let’s take it in the morning, and bring it to Ensenada for lab tests afterwards, it won’t be fresh now until tomorrow.”

        Hearing this, Gibby didn’t say anything more, but looked at Charlie wade and said playfully, “Rest well tonight, there are two more operations tomorrow, just so you can see the world properly.”

        Charlie wade looked at him and asked, “You guys just said that I could sell it for a good price, so I want to know how much it can be sold for?”

        Gibby frowned at Charlie wade and asked with some surprise, “Kid, aren’t you afraid?”

        Charlie wade laughed casually, “What’s the use of being afraid? If I can’t, then why should I be afraid?”

        “Aiyo crap ……” Gibby couldn’t help but look Charlie wade up and down and said with a raised eyebrow, “I didn’t see that you kid was still quite courageous.”

        Charlie wade smiled blandly and said, “You still haven’t told me how much I can actually sell it for?”

        Before Gibby could say anything, Uncle Ma, who was at the side, stepped forward and said with a frown, “Kid, who are you really?”

        Charlie wade laughed, “If I tell you now that I’m someone you can’t afford to mess with, will you think I’m too pretentious?”

        “Gra*s ……” Gibby was a bit angry and cursed offhandedly, “You’ve got some f*cking guts! Do you believe I’ll open you up now and see how big your guts are?”

        Uncle Ma stopped him and pulled him behind him, his deadly eyes staring at Charlie wade, he asked, “Kid, if you have any origin, then hurry up and declare your family, if we can make out a four, five, six, this matter today, it is not impossible to turn this into a good thing.”

        The first time I saw you, I was looking at Charlie wade with a cold, vicious expression and continued, “If you can’t tell me what you are, then I have ways to make your life worse than death.”