The Real Dragon Chapter 4792

        He then followed Charlie wade’s instructions and instructed his men, “Attention all, start shrinking the encirclement immediately, once the target enters the courtyard where Mr. Wade is, start a five-minute countdown immediately, once the time is up, make sure to take out all the enemies outside, leaving no one behind!”


        A few minutes later, Juarez had arrived at the courtyard where the operating room was located.

        Because of Ector’s previous scouting, he walked straight down the stairs of the operating room without the slightest worry of fear.

        When Ma Kui saw Juarez walking down, he immediately said to Charlie wade excitedly, “Mr. Wade, our boss is here!”

        After saying that, he hurriedly ran towards Juarez and said in Spanish attentively, “Boss, this Mr. Wade who is here today is a god of fortune, we must seize this opportunity!”

        Juarez patted him on the shoulder and did not say anything, but stepped directly in front of Charlie wade and said with a smile in Spanish, “Mr. Wade, right, I am Juarez, Rafael Juarez, you can call me Rafael.”

        Charlie wade did not know Spanish, but he had Ma Kui on hand to translate, so there was no obstacle to communicate with Juarez.

        Charlie wade looked Juarez up and down and found that this Mexican man was indeed a bandit, each was not tall but very strong, he had a shiny thick gold necklace around his neck, even his teeth wore diamond encrusted braces, he had an extremely short inch haircut and a face full of cross flesh, not a good person at first glance.

        Charlie wade looked at him and laughed blandly, “Mr. Juarez really made me wait, you didn’t show up when you arrived, but first let one of your men come in to open a video for you, this operation of yours really didn’t surprise me.”

        Juarez knew that Charlie wade disliked him for being slow in coming, and also disliked him for being too cautious, so he smiled and said, “Sorry, Mr. Wade, it is always necessary to be cautious when meeting for the first time.”

        With that, he hurriedly changed the subject and asked Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, I heard from Ma Kui that you intend to cooperate with our whole group, I wonder what kind of cooperation?”

        Charlie wade did not answer his question, but smiled and asked, “This organisation of yours, how many people are there in total?”

        Juarez immediately said, “We have more than two hundred people.”

        Charlie wade frowned slightly and said indifferently, “Two hundred people seems to be a little less.”

        Juarez was busy saying, “Although we are not many, almost every one of us is an elite soldier!”

        Charlie wade asked curiously, “Have you brought them all here today?”

        Juarez nodded and spoke, “My men are all outside, if Mr. Wade is interested, I can take you up to have a look.”

        “No need.” Charlie wade said casually, “Those people of yours, I don’t need to deal with them personally.”

        Not knowing the deeper meaning of Charlie wade’s words, Juarez patted his chest and said to Charlie wade, “If Mr Wade intends to cooperate with us, those people down there, I will manage them myself, there is no need for you to deal with them.”

        Saying that, he asked Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, you haven’t said what kind of cooperation you want to enter into with us?”

        Charlie wade said casually, “I have a big project in Syria, and I’m actually quite short of people, but ……”

        When Charlie wade said this, he deliberately paused for a moment, then he took out his own mobile phone and looked at the time, seeing that it had been almost five minutes since Juarez came in, he gradually put away the smile on his face, looked at Juarez, and said in a cold voice: “Forget it, Syria is only suitable for those who can be spared from deadly sins but cannot escape from living sins, for you scum who should be killed by a thousand cuts, it is not quite applicable.”

        Ma Kui was about to translate, but he instantly froze, he could not help but look at Charlie wade, frowning and asking, “Mr. Wade, what do you mean by that?”

        Charlie wade sneered, looked at Juarez, and the group of people around him, and faintly said, “My meaning is simple, You’re allgonnadie!tonight!”

        Translated into Chinese, it was, “You’re allgonnadie!tonight!”