The Real Dragon Chapter 4793

When Ma Kui heard these words, his heart tightened while he couldn’t help but subconsciously smile along with him, “Mr. Wade is really joking, don’t you want to seek our cooperation? Our boss doesn’t have a sense of humour like you, he will probably take your words seriously.”

        At the side, Juarez, at this moment, was looking at Charlie wade with a cold expression.

        Although he hadn’t gone to school or learned any foreign languages, Mexico was after all so close to the United States, and in most cases had to make a living with the Americans, so most Mexicans knew a little bit of English.

        So when Charlie wade said the English sentence, he immediately understood the meaning.

        He could not help but look at Charlie wade immediately, and he could see at a glance that Charlie wade’s eyes were full of murderous aura at the moment.

        After all, Hua Reis was a long-time veteran of the jianghu world, and he could tell what a person looked like when he was motivated to kill just by looking at him.

        Therefore, when he heard Charlie wade’s words, he subconsciously took out his pistol and pointed it at Charlie wade’s forehead, saying in a cold voice: “Who the hell are you? What exactly do you want to do after going to all the trouble to find this place?”

        Ma Kui, who was at the side, was also a bit flustered at this moment, and hurriedly said to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, just don’t joke with our boss, what he hates the most is when people joke with him.”

        Charlie wade looked at him, smiled slightly and asked, “How do you know I am joking with him, I tell you, I meant every word I just said.”

        Juarez frowned tightly and stared at Charlie wade and asked, “The two of us have no enmity, and I heard from Ma Kui that you are the one who has the Citibank Black Gold Card, your a*sets must be over ten billion dollars, we are originally from two worlds, why do you want to kill us?”

        Charlie wade put away his smile and said in a cold voice: “Because what you have done is so evil and unforgivable, therefore, every single one of you deserves to die!”

        Juarez could not help but sneer out and said with contempt, “Even if I deserve to die for what I did, what can you do to me? Do you think that you alone can kill all of us, that’s a bit too arrogant!”

        Charlie wade snorted and said indifferently, “Killing a group of you mere dogs and dogs is simply a breeze for me.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade asked him rhetorically, “Besides, who told you that I was alone?”

        Juarez frowned and asked offhandedly, “What? Do you have helpers? To tell you the truth, I have over two hundred men from Crazy Juarez out there, and every one of them is armed to the teeth. Don’t forget that you are still in my hands, as soon as I pull the trigger, you will be dead immediately!”

        Charlie wade laughed: “Half of your two hundred or so men are dead now!”

        Juarez didn’t even know that just a minute ago, more than a hundred elite generals from the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall had already launched an attack on Juarez’s men.

        These 100 or so soldiers were all martial arts masters without exception, and had also undergone modern military training, so their ability to fight alone was much stronger than that of ordinary special forces.

        Using guns equipped with silencers, the soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple took out half of Juarez’s men before they even noticed.

        With his keen perception, Charlie wade had a good idea of what was happening outside.

        Only, Juarez was underground and could not hear the commotion outside at all.

        When he heard Charlie wade’s words, he thought he had heard some kind of big joke as he mocked, “All my men, without exception, are all battle-hardened elite soldiers, although we are not the top in size in Mexico, our single combat capability is definitely the strongest of all the groups in Mexico, what makes you able to take out half of my men? “

        As soon as the words left his mouth, a sudden panic of gunfire rang out from outside and someone shouted, “Quickly find a place to take cover, the other side didn’t even know where they were shooting from!”