The Real Dragon Chapter 4804

        Olivia Zhen didn’t recognise Charlie wade’s back and just said disdainfully, “What? You still have helpers? Is that the big ingrate who sat with you on the plane and came here with you when you got off the plane? You’ve done a lot of damage to people, and no one who comes here ever leaves in one piece! This old brother of yours, I’m afraid he’s going to be gutted just like you!”

        At this time, Charlie wade suddenly turned around, looked at Olivia Zhen with interest and asked her with a smile, “Auntie Chen, look at this body of mine, how much can I sell it for from you?”

        When Oliviazhen saw Charlie wade, she felt a thunderbolt strike her sky!

        Her jaw dropped as she blurted out, “Wade …… Charlie wade, how come you’re here?!”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and shrugged his shoulders, “Of course I’m here to find you, you put my mother-in-law in jail, my wife cries every day for me to save her mother out, how do you think I can possibly let you off as the culprit?”

        Olivia Zhen said coldly, “What? Just by yourself, do you still want to settle scores with me when you get to Mexico?”

        Saying that, she coldly snorted, “Charlie, do you know what place this is? This is the land of Crazy Juarez! The number of people who die here every year is too many to count, and you will only die when you arrive here!”

        Charlie wade asked with interest, “The boss of Crazy Juarez, is his name Juarez?”

        Olivia Zhen said coldly, “That’s natural! Our boss is the famous Juarez!”

        Charlie wade nodded, gave a wink to Broken Army and spoke, “Broken Army, drag that guy over here!”

        “As you command!” Wan Broken Army replied and immediately dragged Juarez, who had both of his legs ruined, out of the crowd.

        When Olivia Zhen got a good look at Juarez’s features, her whole body instantly took several steps backwards in fear, and accidentally bumped into Xu Mixi behind her, both of them sitting on their a*ses on the ground.

        Olivia Zhen looked at Juarez, panic incomparable asked: “Old …… boss …… you …… what happened to you?! “

        Juarez gritted his teeth and shouted in English, “Olivia Zhen, you stinking framer! I’m going to k i l l you!”

        Charlie wade kicked him, sending him off on his heels, and said in a cold voice, “Did I tell you to speak?”

        Juarez rolled around on the ground, the pain on his leg was excruciating, but he stiffly dared not grunt a word in front of Charlie wade, and could only honestly shut his mouth.

        Olivia Zhen looked devastated.

        She really didn’t expect that her boss had become a dirt dog at Charlie wade’s feet.

        Doesn’t this …… mean that Charlie wade is already in charge here?!

        Thinking of this, it suddenly dawned on her and she looked at Charlie wade and said offhandedly, “It was you! It was you who got my family in there, wasn’t it?!”

        Charlie wade sneered, “I just found out your identity, followed the vine and found your family, your family was already doing something illegal and disorderly, so naturally they should be punished by the law.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added: “But what Calvin said just now is correct, the punishment of the law is only part of all the punishment they should receive, after they are released from prison, I will let them go to Syria to continue their reflection, so that they can never leave Syria in their lifetime!”

        Olivia Zhen said in fear, “Charlie wade, if you have anything to do with me, don’t do anything to my family! They are innocent!”

        Charlie wade laughed, “Am I not coming at you? It’s just that you have sinned so much that just taking your life is not enough to pay off those blood debts you owe, that’s why I have to make your family pay.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added: “Moreover, your family members are not innocent, every penny they live in, the luxury cars they drive, the wastefulness they spend, they all carry blood and human lives!”