The Real Dragon Chapter 4816

        There was a boom that shook the entire floor!

        And what was even more shocking was that even the room that hid the entrance to the underground operating theatre was spewing out huge tongues of fire, which showed the power of the explosion.

        Charlie wade knew that all those demons, including Olivia Zhen, must have been completely turned into ashes and ended their sinful lives amidst the rolling flames!

        At this moment, Charlie wade also stopped the movement of his hands.

        He was silent for a moment, then picked up the wine cup he had just filled, then raised it up and said in a low voice, “I don’t know how many innocent people have died here in vain, so this cup of wine is dedicated to you all, and I hope that under the nine springs, you will be able to learn that your great revenge has been avenged!”

        With these words, he slowly poured the wine from his cup onto the ground with both hands.

        If this cup of wine was sold to someone who really needed it, it could be sold for at least ten million dollars or more.

        But in Charlie wade’s eyes, this cup of wine was a tribute to those innocent victims, hoping that they could rest in peace.

        Therefore, even if it was poured on the ground, it did not count as a waste.

        Subsequently, Charlie wade sighed and continued to pour the other gla*ses to the brim.

        Soon, more than a hundred gla*s cups had all been poured to an eighth full by Charlie wade.

        And the two big bottles of wine were just about finished being divided according to the number of people.

        At this time, the ten minutes were up, and Wan Bajun knocked respectfully on the door and said respectfully outside the door, “Mr. Wade, the brothers have gathered in the courtyard.”

        Charlie wade gave a hmph and spoke, “Broken Jun, come in.”

        Wan Bajun said, “Obey,” and immediately pushed the door open.

        As soon as the door opened, he smelled the very strong fragrance of Maotai wine.

        Moutai was originally a soy sauce type of liquor, and was considered to be the most strongly scented of all liquors. So the smell was so strong that it almost came to his nose.

        But in the next second, the army was surprised to find that the smell of wine in the air even carried a feeling of refreshment for the body and mind.

        It was like having a good night’s sleep on a cool autumn day without any distractions, and there was an indescribable sense of relaxation and relief all over his body.

        He couldn’t help but ask Charlie wade with a surprised look on his face, “Mr. Wade, how come this wine smells so incredible.”

        Charlie wade smiled blandly and spoke, “This is a medicinal wine specially prepared for the brothers, it is considered my unique secret recipe. I said. After this mission, I will definitely make all the brothers even stronger, and this cup of wine is my way of keeping my promise.”

        Wan Breaking Jun was surprised and asked, “Mr. Wade …… did you put the elixir in this wine ……?”

        Charlie wade nodded and smiled faintly, “Not only did he put the elixir, but he also put the best elixir I have available.”

        After saying that, he added: “Although it looks like each person can only get a small cup, but do not underestimate the medicinal power contained in this small cup of wine, three star early martial artist, in situ can rise to the middle to late four stars, four star early martial artist, in situ can rise to the early five stars, if the five star early martial artist, in situ can rise to the great completion of five stars, if you are lucky, rise to the early six stars is not impossible. As for six-star martial artists, although it is a bit difficult to ascend to seven stars in situ, they can at least move from the early stage to the middle stage, or from the middle stage to the great completion.”

        Wan Bajun was immediately shocked and said out of the blue, “Mr. Wade …… Wan Long Hall now has two great warlords who are six-star martial artists, in addition to more than ten five-star warlords, and the remaining four and three star martial artists, there are more than a hundred of them, almost all of them are here today, if it is as you said, then Wan Long Hall will have more than ten new six-star martial artists today. More than ten new six-star warlords! There will also be more than forty new five-star battle generals and more than sixty new four-star battle generals ……”

        Speaking of this, Wan Breaking Jun had stammered a little in excitement: “If …… if that is true …… then …… then the overall strength of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, overnight …… will …… will cross over to a whole new realm!”

        Charlie wade nodded and said indifferently, “The strength of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall is actually far from enough, this world, the powerful opponents that are not known to us, I’m afraid there are still many ……”