The Real Dragon Chapter 4825

Charlie wade also did not expect that his mother-in-law, Elaine, could give himself such a martial arts style nickname while in prison.

        Bedford Hill Ghosts ……

        I have to say, this nickname sounded a bit imposing.

        But Charlie wade didn’t find it very surprising, this is how mother-in-law Elaine always acts.

        It’s a bit inappropriate to say that she’s a dog, but to say that she’s a bully is certainly not an injustice.

        I didn’t expect that in two or three days’ work, she would be able to blend in as a Bedford Hills ghostly figure, so it seemed that her life inside was indeed like a fish in water.

        So, Charlie wade said, “Fine, let her go, as long as she is happy, when I am done with my business in New York, by then, no matter if she is a Bedford Hills Ghost Seeing Sadness or a Bedford Hills Pig Seeing Mad, she will have to come out of it.”

        Wan Xiaojun nodded and smiled, “Then I’ll wait for your notice.”

        “Good.” Charlie wade smiled, “You go ahead and get busy, I’ll go check on the bus, there’s still a bit of business to wrap up.”

        Wan Bajun said respectfully, “Okay Mr. Wade, then my subordinate will go and get busy first.”

        After Wan Bajun left, Charlie wade boarded the bus that was already ready to depart.

        He shook hands with those who had been rescued one by one, but while shaking hands, he sent a tiny amount of spiritual energy into each other’s bodies.

        However, everyone was oblivious to all this.

        The last person Charlie wade shook hands with was the old grandmother who gave him the Phoenix Bone Vine.

        He shook hands with the old grandmother and said very seriously, “Old man, my men will arrange for you and your son to return to your country first, and they will help you solve your difficulties in life, and when the time comes, they will take down your address, and when I return to my country, I will also visit you personally!”

        The old lady was a little excited and also a little terrified, “Wade …… Mr. Wade …… how can this be? You are our life-saving benefactor, we should be the ones to pay you a visit ……”

        The others in the car also nodded: “Yes Mr. Wade, it should be all of us to visit you together!”

        Charlie wade smiled slightly and said, “I appreciate your kindness, it’s not too early now, we still have a few hundred kilometres to go, so you should take a good rest first.”

        As soon as Charlie wade finished speaking, everyone except the old lady seemed to yawn, and immediately afterwards, they all fell back to sleep.

        The old lady was a little surprised at this point and spoke, “How did these people …… say they slept ……”

        Charlie wade smiled and said, “Old man, you also seize the time to rest and rest, I will definitely visit after I return to China, only that you may not recognize me then, but it does not matter, I will then claim to be the descendant of your husband’s lifelong friend, at that time, I will help you and your son to arrange everything in the future, so that you will have no more worries in this life. “

        The old lady was confused, she said with certainty, “Mr. Wade, although I am old, my brain is still in good working order, don’t worry, I will definitely not forget your kindness in saving my life!”

        Charlie wade knew that she did not understand the meaning of her words, so he smiled and said, “Old man, it’s time to leave, you should rest early.”

        As soon as the words left his mouth, a trace of spiritual energy was transferred into the old man’s meridians, and he quickly fell asleep.

        Charlie wade then stepped off the bus and said to Xion who was waiting here, “Let’s go Xion, let’s go back to New York!”


        In the middle of the night, Charlie wade took a modified bullet-proof Cadillac and drove into Mexico’s Ensenada Airport.

        In the car, apart from the driver arranged by Wan Bajun, there were only Charlie wade and Xion.