The Real Dragon Chapter 4836

        He was known in Japan as an inspirational idol and had single-handedly built the Ito family into one of the top families in Japan. It was difficult to fill the gap in her heart.

        So she said to Koichi Tanaka, “Tanaka, please ask the manufacturer of the table to come to your home tomorrow and ask them to see if there is any way to upgrade the table to make it more suitable for your father’s current condition, such as making it as height-adjustable as possible, and making the legs of the table as far inward as possible to prevent it from knocking against the wheelchair. Your Excellency as free as possible from the wheelchair.”

        She then remembered something else and added: “Right, we should also make an appointment with a manufacturer of electric wheelchairs. It would be nice, Lord Father should have a need for that when he plays pool.”

        “Yes!” Koichi Tanaka agreed without a second thought and said, “I will do this in the morning.”

        Ito Nanaeko nodded slightly and sighed softly, “Actually, Charlie wade-kun has already helped a lot, although Tanaka-san and father cannot become normal, at the very least their physical condition has completely healed, and the rest, is the adaptation stage.”

        “Right.” Tanaka Koichi couldn’t help but sigh, “When I jumped off the bridge, I didn’t think that I would definitely survive, at that time, I thought that as long as I could get my life back, even if it was miserable, it would be worth it, now I see that it’s really thanks to Mr. Wade, except for the fact that I don’t have both legs, I’m no different from before in other aspects, and I’m even in better physical condition than before.”

        Saying that, he added with a melancholy face, “My mind is adjusting quickly, but it’s just that the lord he …… As you know, my lady, my lord has been a strong man all his life, and I am afraid that he will not be able to adapt to it in a short time ……”

        Ito Nanaeko nodded gently and spoke, “I will try to help Father-sama come out as soon as possible, Tanaka-san please help more as well.”

        Tanaka Koichi bowed his head respectfully and said, “Don’t worry, Miss, Tanaka will do his best!”

        Nanaeko Ito smiled slightly and said, “Thank you, Tanaka, I will go in to see my father.”

        At that moment, Yohiko Ito was alone in his wheelchair, parked in the middle of his bedroom study.

        Ito’s room was a bedroom and study suite, decorated in typical Japanese style, with tatami mats throughout.

        On the wall hangs a brand new set of tattooed hakama, which he had his craftsman make for his fiftieth birthday last year.

        He had two sets made, one for his fiftieth birthday and the other for his daughter Nana-chan’s wedding.

        For a traditional Japanese man like Yohiko Ito, his love of tattooed hakama exceeded that of the British aristocracy’s love of bespoke suits.

        But now that he was looking at them again, he couldn’t get enough of them.

        The reason was simple: he had lost his legs, and it was impossible to wear such a garment in its original form.

        Ito Yohiko even felt that he was not worthy of such an elaborate hakama, and that if he wore it, he would look as ridiculous and rude as a European gentleman wearing a suit with only the top half of the body and the bottom half with bare legs and trousers.

        So, even though he knew it was time to change for his birthday celebration in the front room, he was still reluctant to let the servants come and dress him.

        He just sat alone in his wheelchair, staring at the outfit and weeping silently.

        At that moment, he suddenly heard a soft knock on the door, followed by his daughter’s voice: “Father-sama, Nana-chan has come to pay her respects, is it convenient to come in?”

        Ito Yohiko hastily wiped away his tears and used his hands to manipulate the telepresence of his wheelchair, turning it around so that his back was to the tattooed hakama on the wall, before saying in a calm manner, “Oh, it’s Nana-chan, come in.”