The Real Dragon Chapter 4837

Ito Nanaeko gently pulled open the door, left her slippers outside and walked in barefoot.

        When Yohiko Ito saw Nanaeko dressed up like a fairy, he said proudly, “Nanaeko, I can’t wait to see you when you get married, you’ll be even more beautiful than you are now.

        Nanaeko Ito smiled slightly and guffawed, “Father-sama, Nanaeko doesn’t want to get married too early.”

        “Wow ……” Ito Yuuhiko responded and sighed, “Still can’t let go of Charlie wade in your heart?”

        Ito Nanaeko didn’t hide it and said seriously, “Back to father-sama, it’s not that Nanaeko can’t let go of Charlie wade-kun in her heart, it’s that there’s no place for anyone else but him, and even if we let go of him, there can’t be anyone else.”

        Ito Yuuhiko froze for a moment and said with some heartache, “Nana-chan, Charlie wade is good, but you don’t know how long you will have to wait for him, a woman’s golden age is only ten years from twenty to thirty, you are already twenty-three this year, if you miss your golden age, I am afraid you will regret it for the rest of your life!”

        Even if I can’t get married during this golden period, I will still make the most of my years.” “Father, don’t worry about me.”

        Saying that, Nanaiko Ito added, “I think father-sama would not want me to marry someone I don’t like in my best years, and then spend my days not seeing a smile in front of people, but having to spend my days crying in secret behind them.”

        Ito Yohiko nodded solemnly and said, “You are right! No matter what, father wants you to live every day happily.”

        Ito Nanaiko smiled heartily, looked at the tattooed hakama hanging on the wall and said with a smile, “Father, life without the other half is also a kind of disability, but as long as you can adjust your mind and plan your life well, you can still live a wonderful life. If you can adjust your mind, you can still live a wonderful life.”

        Even if you lose your legs, I’m sure you’ll still look great in them, and I was thinking of taking a picture with you after you’ve changed into them, so that the Japanese media, who have been following the Ito family, can send it out.”

        “Send it out?” Ito Yohiko subconsciously refused, “No! Absolutely not! I will never allow the media to release a picture of me in a wheelchair, not even if it’s just a half-body shot!”

        Nanae Ito smiled and said seriously, “Father, don’t forget that you are the famous Yohiko Ito, many young people in Japan consider you an idol, many people know that it’s your birthday today and have even started a buzzword on the internet to celebrate your birthday. You can’t let them down at a time like this!”

        I think if they don’t see your latest photo today, I’m afraid they’ll think you’re decrepit now, and if they start an online thread to console and cheer for Yohiko Ito, won’t you feel bad when you see it?”

        Hearing this, Ito Yohiko said without thinking, “Have someone bring me my prosthetic leg! I want to shoot standing up!”

        Ito Nanaeko snickered and said hurriedly, “Then wait a moment, I’ll have someone prepare it.”

        With that, she hurried out of the room.

        Ito Yohiko had always resisted prosthetics, mainly because he had an amputation at the thigh, and it was very close to the sciatic tuberosity, and after such a high level of amputation, even the best prosthetics would be difficult to manipulate, and the worse the experience of using them.

        If the lower leg was amputated and the part above the knee could still be used normally, then you could basically walk or even run occasionally with the prosthesis on, but Yohiko Ito has almost reached the root of his leg, so in this case, the prosthesis can only hobble up two steps, and because it is so close to the root of the thigh, the wear and tear and discomfort is so intense that when you sit down, you can’t even sit down with your buttocks all the way down. Within ten minutes, it was painful and numb.

        This is why Yohiko Ito often prefers a wheelchair to a prosthetic leg.

        But now that he has been coaxed by Nanaiko Ito, he is no longer disillusioned or unhappy with the prosthesis.

        Ito came out of the room quickly and asked the housekeeper to come and help her father dress and put on his prosthesis.