The Real Dragon Chapter 4881

Charlie wade’s words made Ito Yohiko also feel that he was a bit unpleasant for being so abrasive all the time, so he said without thinking, “If I were really to make a wish related to myself, it would definitely be for my two legs to come back again, it’s just a pity ……”

        “All right.” Charlie wade reached out and interrupted him, laughing, “The logic of making a wish is that you can just say what you want, as for whether it can be fulfilled or not, that’s not something you have to worry about.”

        Ito Yohiko was slightly stunned and smiled to himself, then nodded, “Mr. Wade is right, it is up to God whether it will come true or not.”

        Charlie wade waved his hand and said blandly, “This kind of thing, God may not be good either.”

        “This ……” Ito Yohiko cried and laughed.

        Thinking to himself.

        “You’re the one who told me to make a wish so that I don’t have to worry about whether it will come true or not, and then you say that God isn’t good either, isn’t that blocking both ends?”

        But he didn’t dare to spit it out to Charlie wade, so he could only smile resentfully, not knowing how to respond.

        At this time, Isaac Cameron walked over and said to Charlie wade, “Young master, the catering department has made arrangements, the cake has been expedited by the best bakery in New York, and it will be delivered within an hour.”

        “Good.” Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and said to Ito Yohiko and Tanaka Koichi, “Alright, you two can go in and prepare to test the medicine.”

        The two men looked at each other and bowed slightly to Charlie wade in unison.

        Immediately afterwards, Charlie wade asked Don Albert and the Ito family’s butler to a*sist the two men into different bathrooms respectively.

        Don Albert had already known the procedure, so he took Koichi Tanaka in lightly and prepared.

        The Ito family butler was still confused at this point, so Charlie wade followed him and Yohiko Ito into the other bathroom.

        Once inside, Charlie wade pointed to the bathtub and said to the Ito family butler, “Later on, you can help Mr. Ito undress and lie down in it, exposing only the top of his neck.”

        The butler nodded his head repeatedly, “Yes Mr. Wade!”

        Charlie wade pointed to the shorts and short sleeves prepared on the clothes rack again and spoke, “These are the clothes prepared, when you are done later, Mr. Ito will change into these clothes and go out.”

        Ito Yohiko glanced at the prepared clothes and found that they were actually a sports outfit with short sleeves and shorts, and his expression was a bit stunned and depressed at the same time.

        Ever since his legs were amputated, Ito Yohiko had never worn shorts. He usually made sure to wear long trousers no matter at home or when he went out, as long as there were other people around, and if he wore prosthetic limbs, he would put them into his trousers, or if he did not want to wear them, he would put padding in the shape of limbs into his trouser legs, so that at first glance, sitting in a wheelchair still gave the impression that he was still able-bodied.

        However, since it was Charlie wade’s arrangement, Ito Yohiko could not say anything more, so he said to Charlie wade, “Thank you, Mr. Wade.”

        Charlie wade remembered something and said casually, “By the way Mr. Ito, this place is close to Central Park in Manhattan, we can go for a walk there before dinner.”

        “A walk?” Ito Yohiko smiled awkwardly and said with some difficulty, “Mr. Wade, otherwise a walk would be better …… In my case, it’s really not suitable to go to that kind of public place ……”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and said, “Then let’s talk about it later, Mr. Ito go in first and lie down, I will come to bring you medicine later.”

        Ito Yohiko nodded respectfully, and after Charlie wade left, he took off his clothes and soaked into the bathtub with the help of the housekeeper.

        Five minutes later.

        Charlie wade walked in again, and by now, Ito Yohiko was already lying in the bathtub, buried in the beauty mud from the neck down.

        Charlie wade looked at Ito Yohiko and said indifferently, “Mr. Ito, you will probably fall asleep for about twenty minutes, remember to rinse off your body when you wake up and then change into the clothes prepared for you.”

        Ito Yohiko was confused by Charlie wade’s mysterious operation, he really couldn’t understand what Charlie wade’s intention was in letting himself soak in the mud.

        At this time, Charlie wade took out a reshaping pill, handed it to the butler and said, “Feed this pill to Mr. Ito and take it.”

        “Okay Mr. Wade!” The butler nodded respectfully and carefully took the pill that Charlie wade handed over in his hand, then put it into Ito Yuuhiko’s mouth.

        As soon as Ito Yohiko took the medicine, he felt a dizzying sensation in his brain, like general anesthesia before an operation, and lost consciousness almost instantly.