The Real Dragon Chapter 4882

        The reason for this loss of consciousness was also entirely due to the medicinal properties of the Remodelling Pill.

        According to the records in the Nine Mystical Scriptures, when the Remodelling Pill reshapes the flesh, it will cause great painful stimulation to the person taking it, not to mention reshaping the body, but the pain is even more intense than modern medical surgery that cuts open the human body.

        Therefore, the medicinal properties of the Remodelling Pill actually make a person lose consciousness first, and then bring into play its true remodelling medicinal properties.

        The principle is the same as the logic of anaesthesia before surgery in modern medicine.

        After Ito Yohiko fell unconscious, his entire body was completely unconscious, but Charlie wade was able to feel the vigorous aura in his body, which was gathering towards his lower body.

        Soon, Charlie wade could feel that there seemed to be two sprouts filled with aura at the roots of Ito Yohiko’s thighs, and it seemed that the Remodelling Pill had begun to work.

        Charlie wade then said to the butler, “It’s hard for you to guard Mr. Ito here, don’t touch him until he wakes up.”

        The butler said very respectfully, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade!”

        Charlie wade nodded and turned to leave the bathroom and went to the other bathroom next door.

        By now, Tanaka Koichi had also soaked into the bathtub with the help of Don Albert.

        After giving him some instructions, Charlie wade asked Don Albert to feed him a reshaping pill as well.

        After that, he left Don Albert to stand by and returned to the living room of the luxurious suite.

        Meanwhile, Ito Nana-chan was sitting on the sofa, waiting anxiously.

        And Xion was standing by her side, her heart unable to hide her excitement as she secretly thought, “Mr. Wade’s elixir was able to bring back to life Li Yalin, who was seriously injured, and now he has rushed his mother and the Ito family to New York, and coincidentally, both her mother and the two from the Ito family are mutilated, could it be that Mr. Wade is planning to use the same elixir to treat them?”

        “Just now Mr. Wade has been guiding Ito Yohiko, making him personally say his wish for his legs to be restored like new …… Could it be that …… Could it be that Mr. Wade’s elixir can bring their broken legs back to life?”

        “If that’s the case …… Then wouldn’t mum …… wouldn’t she be able to become a normal person?!”

        Xion’s mother, He Yingxiu, had already lost an arm before she was conceived.

        It was also because she had lost that arm to save Zayne that Zayne was moved to betray his marriage and have a dewy love affair with her.

        And it was that love affair that led to the birth of Xion.

        As a child, Xion was often distressed by the fact that her mother was missing an arm.

        What puzzled her was that whenever she touched the wound of her mother’s broken arm and cried for heaven’s blessing to let her mother’s broken arm grow back, her mother always told her with a contented face that she had used the lost arm to exchange it for the most precious gift in the world. So she didn’t regret it at all.

        As a young girl, Xion did not understand, she did not know exactly what great things her mother had exchanged that arm for.

        But when she grew up, when she knew the reason for it, she realised that her mother had used that arm to get back herself.

        The arm she had lost had a lot to do with her own fate, and if she hadn’t lost it in the first place, she wouldn’t have been able to come into this world.

        But even though her mother did not regret this, Xion’s heart had always ached for what her mother had gone through in the past twenty years.

        Even though she was a martial artist, without her arm, she was still a disabled person who suffered from discrimination.

        Xion had always dreamed of making her mother normal again, even if she had to lose her own arm.

        But she knew in her heart that such a hope was only a delusion.

        But at this moment, she suddenly realised that her delusions of grandeur were about to come true!