The Real Dragon Chapter 4883

Ito Nanaeko didn’t know as much as Xion did.

        She had never seen the miracle that had happened to Li Yalin, so she hadn’t figured out what Charlie wade had asked herself to bring her father and Tanaka Koichi to New York for at the moment.

        Seeing Charlie wade come out at this moment, Ito Nana-chan hurriedly asked, “Charlie wade-kun, how are Odo-san and Tanaka-san doing?”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and said, “They both just took the medicine, they are both asleep now, they will wake up in about 20 minutes or so.

        Ito Nana-chan nodded and asked cautiously, “Charlie wade-kun, can I take the liberty of asking what exactly is the medicine you gave them both to treat?”

        Charlie wade smiled, “The two of them will be out in twenty minutes at most, what exactly is being treated, you might as well see for yourself when they come out later.”

        “Alright ……” Seeing that Charlie wade was unwilling to reveal, Ito Nana-chan had no choice but to nod gently and said with a smile, “Charlie wade-kun is highly skilled in medicine, the last time I was seriously injured, as well as Oudosan’s extremely weak body after the operation, both were cured by Charlie wade-kun, I believe this time will definitely benefit Oudosan and Tanaka-san as well!”

        On the side, Ito Nana-chan’s aunt, Ito Emi, couldn’t help but sigh, “I hope Oni-san can cheer up from now on, it’s really frustrating to look dead every day …… He’s only fifty today, yet he looks older than Ondo-san did back when he was seventy.”

        Ito Nanaeko recalled how her own grandfather looked when he was alive and couldn’t help but agree, “Oji-san was indeed optimistic when he was alive …… It was indeed much stronger than the current Odo-san.”

        Said Nanae Ito, hastily adding to her aunt, “But you mustn’t say that to Odo-san’s face, he’s such a man, he’s just too proud of himself ……”

        Ito Emi nodded and said, “That’s for sure …… With that stinky temper he has now, I wouldn’t dare to mess with him ……”

        At this moment, the two people in the bathtub who were unconscious could not feel at all that the body tissues of their legs were being repaired at a speed comparable to 3D printing, starting from the amputation wounds.

        The only thing is that this energy for the rebirth of the amputated limbs comes entirely from the medicinal effects within the Remodelling Pill as well as from the aura, and has almost nothing to do with Yohiko Ito himself.

        The Ito family butler soon noticed a strange little detail.

        He noticed that although Yohiko Ito was lying motionless in the bathtub, the level of those beauty slurries in the tub seemed to be slowly growing.

        Thinking that he was mistaken, he stared carefully at the level for a long time and confirmed that the level in the bathtub was indeed rising.

        This made him a little nervous all of a sudden, because he couldn’t understand at all how the level of the mud could keep rising when the person was not moving at all.

        In this instant, he wanted to get closer to see what was going on, but when he thought of Charlie wade’s explanation, he hesitated for a moment and then gave up the idea.

        He just didn’t know that the reason why the liquid level was rising was because Ito Yohiko’s legs were being constantly perfected and the legs inside the mud were expanding, which was why the liquid level was rising.

        On the other hand, Don Albert was not so surprised.

        He had also guessed that the odds were that Charlie wade was going to help him and Ito Yohiko regenerate their severed legs, so once he saw that the liquid level within the bathtub was rising, he was immediately certain of his suspicions.

        To Charlie wade, Don Albert had actually seen it all before.

        Not to mention that he himself had once been pulled back by Charlie wade at the entrance to the Hall of Hades, he had seen Charlie wade summon heavenly thunder more than once just by watching him with his own eyes.