The Real Dragon Chapter 4884

        The most shocking thing was when Charlie wade fought against the Eight Heavenly Kings on the Changbai Mountain, when the thunder came, and that late night lightning made the entire foot of the Changbai Mountain as bright as day!

        At that moment, he knew that no matter what extraordinary thing Charlie wade did, it was only natural.

        So, not surprised, he leisurely lit a cigarette and looked at the unconscious Koichi Tanaka while gulping at his eyes and muttering in a low voice: “Hey, your little Japanese luck is really beyond words, both of your legs were f*cking amputated and now you have a chance to grow them back, thanks to Master Wade. If it wasn’t for Miss Nana-chan’s face, you wouldn’t have gotten this kind of f*cking job.”

        He spat a mouthful of smoke into Tanaka Koichi’s face and said with a grin, “You know, Master Wade has never been very friendly to his Japanese friends, and the two Kobayashi brothers have been taking turns to experience life at my dog farm.

        He then sighed, “But apart from that, Miss Nana-chan and Master Wade are a perfect match, D*mn it, I’ve never seen such a match! It would be a real shame if the two of them don’t get together in the future ……”

        Don Albert finished one cigarette and the level of liquid in the bathtub, had almost stopped growing.

        At this moment, Tanaka Koichi, who was lying in the bathtub, still didn’t have the slightest intention of waking up.

        However, Ito Yohiko, who was next door, suddenly twitched slightly at this moment.

        The housekeeper, who was very concerned about him, was watching every detail of his life and when he suddenly twitched slightly, he rushed forward to see what was going on.

        At that moment, Ito Yohiko’s eyelids fluttered and he slowly opened his eyes. He felt as if he had slept all night, and when he saw the butler, he subconsciously stretched, shaking the mud everywhere.

        The butler was too muddy to care, but asked with concern, “How are you feeling, my lord?”

        Ito Yohiko shook the mud off his hands and sighed, “I just feel very comfortable, I haven’t slept for so long in a long time, I feel a bit refreshed.”

        The butler hurriedly said, “My lord, you have only slept for less than 20 minutes.”

        “What?” Ito Yohiko looked at him incredulously and asked offhandedly, “I feel like I’ve slept through the night and it’s only just been less than 20 minutes?”

        “Yes. ……” The butler said with certainty, “I’ve been watching the clock, and to be exact, it’s only been a little over 18 minutes so far.”

        Ito Yohiko exhaled deeply and exclaimed, “To sleep so comfortably in such a short time, it seems that Mr. Wade’s medicine must have worked wonders ……”

        The butler asked cautiously, “My lord, do you feel anything other than refreshed?”

        “No.” Ito Yohiko spoke, “Why do you ask?”

        The butler said cautiously, “When you were asleep just now, I noticed that although you did not move at all, the level of the entire bathtub was rising, which was particularly strange, as if someone had quietly poured a lot of new mud into the bathtub through an invisible pipe ……”

        “Is that so?” Ito Yohiko said casually, “Could it be that there is a special device under this bathtub to replenish the mud?”

        The butler shook his head and said, “I’m not sure …… But it’s good that you don’t feel anything unusual ……”

        Ito Yohiko hmmed and said casually, “There must be something like a water filling hole that is quietly injecting mud into it.”

        The first thing that I did was to feel it.

        This touch did not matter, and he suddenly felt two legs.

        His face suddenly changed and he subconsciously cursed, “Baka! Why did you put my prosthetic legs in the bath too? Are they both going to take a bath too?!”