The Real Dragon Chapter 4893

Central Park, New York.

        Wearing short sleeves and shorts, Yohiko Ito and Koichi Tanaka, wearing masks, were walking along the park’s walkway.

        They started off at a walking pace, but within a few steps, they unconsciously walked faster and faster, and eventually it was like a race, leaving Charlie wade and Nanae behind.

        Nana-chan, dressed in a kimono, ignored the surprised stares of the pa*sers-by and walked unhurriedly beside Charlie wade, looking at the backs of her father and Tanaka and said with a smile, “Charlie wade-kun, Odo-san and Tanaka-san seem to be racing.”

        “Is that so?” Charlie wade watched as the two walked further and further away, and couldn’t help but say happily, “Is it a race to see who can walk faster?”

        “I suppose so.” Ito Nana-chan pursed her lips and spoke, “Look at Odo-san, she immediately hates to jump one step at a time.”

        Saying that, she tried a few steps in place, each time taking one leg first, then obediently jumping up slightly after taking a step, thus having a cheerful rhythm of one step and one jump.

        Charlie wade looked at her figure and couldn’t help but tease, “We call this kind of walk bouncing.”

        Ito Nanaeko turned back around and asked Charlie wade with a curious look on her face, “Is it the ‘can’t bounce for long’ bounce?”

        Charlie wade smiled sarcastically, “Yes, but that’s a bit unlucky of you to say.”

        Ito Nanaeko spat out her tongue, smiled brightly and said, “With Charlie wade-kun, every time I’m with him, I have good luck, it won’t be unlucky.”

        Saying that, she asked Charlie wade, “By the way Charlie wade-kun, every time you see me, you have to help me or help my family in various ways, will it feel annoying ……”

        Charlie wade laughed, “Why would it be, why do you ask?”

        Ito Nanaeko seriously said, “It’s that I need your help every time and it’s a big help, I feel embarra*sed myself ……”

        Charlie wade looked at her and said with a smile, “There’s no need to be embarra*sed, after all, every time I helped it was also me who took the initiative to seek you out.”

        Ito Nanaeko froze, then smiled sweetly and tilted her head, “It seems like that’s true …… The first time you saved me, it was at home in Kyoto, and it was snowing heavily that day.”

        Saying that, Ito Nanaeko stopped and looked up at the leaves being blown by the breeze, then turned back to look at Charlie wade and asked him, “Charlie wade-kun, do I look good?”

        Without thinking, Charlie wade replied, “Of course I look good.”

        Ito Nanaeko asked again, “Would I look a bit out of place in this kind of place wearing this outfit?”

        Charlie wade thought about it and smiled, “Not really, but it’s more or less a mix and match.”

        Ito Nanaeko nodded and said with a smile, “In fact, I have always rarely worn a kimono out, there is and only one situation where I would wear a kimono out ……”

        Charlie wade asked her curiously, “And what exactly is that circumstance?”

        Ito Nanaeko winked and smiled in a mysterious manner, then she changed the subject and said with a longing face, “Charlie wade-kun, I have imagined four images of meeting you, among which the one I was most looking forward to was to walk with you in the snow on a snowy night in Kyoto, fortunately this wish was fulfilled last year.”

        Charlie wade asked again, “What about the other three?”

        “The other three ……” Nanaeko Ito admired the trees of New York at night and sighed, “The second was to be able to walk under the cherry trees with Charlie wade-kun in a kimono when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom in Hirosaki Park, only unfortunately the cherry blossoms bloomed in March, April at the latest, and that has now pa*sed ……”

        Charlie wade didn’t know what happened to him, and said out of the blue, “It doesn’t matter, there’s still next year if we miss it this year.”

        After saying that, he realized that he had said the wrong thing.

        However, it was too late to realise the mistake.