The Real Dragon Chapter 4901

The plane glided across the New York night sky and came to a steady stop at JFK Airport with a whirring sound.

        Xion had been waiting anxiously for a long time.

        Ever since she had seen Yohiko Ito and Koichi Tanaka’s severed limbs regenerate, Xion had been impatiently waiting for her mother’s plane to land a minute earlier.

        After He Yingxiu and Zayne pa*sed through customs together, Xion saw the two of them coming out of the pa*sage and rushed to greet them, unable to hide her excitement and shouted, “Mum!”

        When He Yingxiu saw Xion, she happily ran over to him, hugged him with one hand and asked with a smile, “How long have you been waiting here?”

        Xion said, “I’ve just come for a while.”

        He Yingxiu nodded and whispered, “Go and say hello to your father.”

        Xion glanced at Zayne, who was not far away, and although she was a little embarra*sed, she said respectfully, “Hello, Mr Banks!”

        Zayne was a bit stunned, then he came back to his senses and spoke, “Xion, it’s better not to call me Mr. Banks in the future.”

        Saying that, Zayne himself said with some lack of breath, “You …… If you don’t mind …… you can call me a father ……”

        After saying this, Zayne also felt ashamed of himself, and hurriedly added: “You are already known as sister to Zara, so calling me Mr. Banks again would seem more or less rustic ……”

        Xion subconsciously looked at her mother and saw her smiling slightly at her, so she plucked up her courage and said softly, “Dad ……”

        “Good …… Good ……” Zayne was instantly happy and hurriedly said, “Xion, you don’t know, these days your mother has been talking to me about you, saying that she is afraid that you will get into trouble when you return to the United States after the trouble you caused before.”

        Xion said comfortingly, “Mom, with Mr. Wade around, you don’t have to worry.”

        He Yingxiu smiled faintly and said, “I’m not worried, it’s your father who’s worried. I’ve also told him that with Mr. Wade around, he will definitely ensure your safety, but he may have some personal feelings towards Mr. Wade, so he hasn’t been quite at ease.”

        When Zayne saw that He Yingxiu had exposed his own shortcomings, he could only smile and say to Xion, “Dad is not doubting Mr. Wade either, Dad is mainly worried about your safety.”

        Xion naturally understood Zayne’s state of mind and could somewhat understand it, so she said, “Dad, Mr. Wade is very powerful, as long as I am with him, I am the safest, so you and mum can rest a*sured in the future.”

        When Zayne saw Xion’s face of admiration when she mentioned Charlie wade, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart: “What exactly do I owe to Bruce wade …… I can tolerate the fact that Deana has liked him for so many years, but both my daughters have fallen in love with his son, what the hell is this?”

        Xion saw that her father was lost in thought and had a complicated expression at the same time, so she couldn’t help but ask him, “Dad, what’s wrong with you?”

        Zayne came back to his senses and waved his hand, “Nothing, I haven’t been out for a while, so I’m still not quite used to it.”

        Xion knew that Charlie wade had asked his mother and grandfather not to let Zayne leave the villa without his permission, so he thought that his mother and grandfather would not disobey Charlie wade’s arrangement.

        He Yingxiu looked at Xion with some surprise at this time and said offhandedly, “Xion …… Has your cultivation level risen again? How come mum can’t see your realm anymore?”

        Because Charlie wade had previously given the He family some Blood Scattering Heart Saving Pills, He Yingxiu’s cultivation had been raised to a three-star martial artist some time ago.

        Xion’s cultivation level before she came was also three stars, so He Yingxiu could originally tell Xion’s cultivation level.