The Real Dragon Chapter 4920

“You’ve agreed?!”

        When Li Yalin heard his son-in-law’s reply, his whole body was both surprised and vaguely leaping for joy.

        Although he said with his mouth that Old Master An was an old feudalist, he himself had actually been talked through by Old Master An long ago.

        He knew that old feudalism should indeed be criticised to a certain extent, but he also agreed with Master An’s logic, which was that the family name needed to be pa*sed on.

        Whether male or female, as long as there are still descendants with the surname, then the line must continue to be pa*sed on to the next generation.

        However, once there is a break in the middle, then the lineage will be completely out of the history stage within a few decades.

        Therefore, if the son-in-law agrees to let his daughter’s children take the surname Li, then the family name will be able to continue to be pa*sed down the line.

        Because of this, he was very excited to hear that his son-in-law had agreed to do so.

        However, he did not expect that his son-in-law, who had always held himself in high regard, would be so easily persuaded by An Chongqiu.

        His son-in-law also seemed a little ashamed at this point.

        He took the initiative to explain awkwardly, “Dad, it’s not that I’m no good …… It’s really because this offer from the An family is too tempting …… Even if I work hard for the rest of my life, I can’t possibly leave so much money to my future generations ……”

        At this moment, the son-in-law is just desperate to give his reasons for giving in to money.

        But did not even realize that his compromise was actually the most expected result from Li Yalin.

        Only, in order to clear himself of the shame in his dignity, he was still explaining continuously, “Dad, what Uncle An said, is almost the same as what you just said, what he meant was that he would first take 100 million dollars to make a trust, and the trust would be handed over to the An family’s trust company to run, and the An family’s trust company, because they are backed by the resources of the entire An family, so their income situation is much stronger than the market The vast majority of trust companies are much stronger, so they can have a yield of at least roughly 8% a year, and as long as I keep my promise, after eighteen years, this trust can be conditionally unblocked!”

        I’ve done some quick calculations in my mind, and if I can guarantee an 8% return every year, with compound interest, the money will go from $100 million to $400 million in 18 years’ time when the child becomes an adult!”

        At this point, his son-in-law became even more impa*sioned and, unable to hold back his emotions, he blurted out, “Dad, Mom, Hope! What a concept is $400 million! At that time, even if we don’t move the principal of $400 million, if we continue to calculate the annual return at 8%, then the interest will be $32 million a year!”

        “Thirty-two million dollars! And that’s every year! At that point in time we will be able to take that thirty-two million dollars out of the bank every year!”

        “Even if inflation grows worse in the future, $32 million will be enough to cover the daily expenses of a family for a year!”

        “By then, we can give our children the best standard of living, the best educational resources, and make them the top of the social ladder! That’s a step up in cla*s leap!”

        “Moreover, apart from the interest income of $32 million a year, we don’t move a penny of the $400 million in principal, so we can continue at 8% as long as the Anjar Trust Company we back doesn’t go under!”

        “But even if the trust company fails, so what? The law has long stipulated that the trust company’s own a*sets are completely separate from the client’s trust property, so even if he goes bankrupt, there’s no way our money will be liquidated! All we need to do at that time is to change the trust company and transfer our interests.”

        “In other words, as long as America is still here, our money will always be here! That’s a*sets that last forever and family that thrives forever!”

        The excited son-in-law, by the time he said this, had his whole heart beating a little faster and his breath catching.