The Real Dragon Chapter 4925

        Not only did Elaine have authority over the guards, but because of the fighting power of the three Dragon Warriors, almost all of the pricks at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility had been beaten several times, and now they had all stopped, and no one dared to take any action in the prison.

        With these three backing him up, Elaine had become the number one man in Bedford Hills Correctional Facility and had given himself a nickname, Bedford Hills Ghost.

        At this moment, Elaine looked at the female prison guard, slowly put down the magazine in her hand and said with some dissatisfaction, “Xiao Lu, I’m not saying you, the magazines delivered these days are too boring, the stories in them are lame and vulgar, and not even half nutritious, can’t you give me a few copies of “The Voice” to read?”

        “The Voice?” The female prison guard was born and bred in China, so she had no idea what “The Voice” was, so she asked with a nervous look on her face, “Sister Elaine, what is “The Voice” you are talking about?”

        Elaine said with an arrogant face, “Zhiyin is a very in-depth and literary Chinese magazine, it is my favourite literary publication for many years. It’s true that imperialism is dying on me!”

        The female prison guard said awkwardly, “Sister Elaine, the Nobel Prize is not awarded by us Americans, ah, it’s mainly the Swedes who do it ……”

        Elaine frowned and asked, “Is that so? How come I didn’t know?”

        The female prison guard hurriedly introduced, “Because Nobel is a Swede …… He’s the one who donated the money to get the Nobel Prize.”

        Elaine realised she had missed the boat and immediately snorted, “So what? What about the Swedish and Swiss ones, aren’t you Americans in control behind the scenes?”

        The female prison guard was busy saying, “Sister Elaine, this Nobel …… really has nothing to do with America ……”

        Elaine impatiently said, “Aiya I don’t want to talk nonsense with you, hurry up and find a way to get me a batch of Zhiyin to read.”

        The female prison guard had to respectfully say, “Yes sister Elaine, I’ll go and think of something for you!”

        Elaine let out a sound and waved her hand, “That’s enough, you can go out.”

        The female prison guard nodded her head and said, “Yes, Sister Elaine, I will go out first then.”

        After the female prison guard left, a group of attentive female inmates gathered around, and one by one, they said.

        “Sister Elaine, how’s your rest?”

        “Sister Elaine, let’s accompany you to dinner!”

        Elaine gave a hmph and slowly sat up from the bed as she lazily stretched her back.

        Then, she saw the wishy-washy Chloe in the crowd.

        That Chloe was the bully in this cell who had been trying to bully Elaine, but unfortunately, she was now in this cell and had become the target of Elaine’s anger.

        When Elaine saw Chloe, she beckoned to her impatiently and said, “Come on, Chloe, I need to see you.”

        Chloe was trembling with nervousness and asked respectfully, “Ms. Ma, you …… What do you want?”

        Elaine asked in a cold voice, “Can’t I call you if there’s nothing?”

        Chloe kept shaking her head, “Yes, of course I can, Chloe is at your disposal 24 hours a day ……”

        Elaine grunted disdainfully and said sternly, “You and Jessica don’t go to lunch today, stay here and wash and cool everyone’s dirty clothes, if you dare leave one unwashed or unclean, I’ll slap you fifty times!!!”

        Chloe said in horror, “I …… We just washed everyone’s changed sheets and pillowcases yesterday and we were up until twelve o’clock at night can you give us a break ……”

        Elaine flung the reading in her hand directly at Chloe’s face, instantly smashing half of her face red, and then said in a cold voice, “If you dare to bargain with me him again, I’ll let you two wash everyone’s inner lakes and bras from now on!”

        Elaine asked in a cold voice:”